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‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Addresses Emmy Snub At Comic-Con, Cast And Showrunners Dish Some Details About Season 3

Jul 26, 2014 05:09 AM EDT
Tatiana Maslany
(Photo : Facebook/Orphan Black) As a response to Tatiana Maslany's Emmy snub, a representative for fan group Clone Club presented the actress with “The Best Actress in the World Award” during the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel Friday, July 25.

She may not be nominated for an Emmy this season, but Tatiana Maslany has apparently gained a larger following for portraying multiple clones on Space's sci-fi series "Orphan Black."

The 28-year-old actress, along with some of her "Orphan Black" co-stars and showrunners, was at the San Diego Comic-Con, Friday, July 25, and her loyal fans took that opportunity to show their love and support to the Golden Globe-nominated actress.

As a response to the actress' Emmy snub, a representative for fan group Clone Club presented Maslany with "The Best Actress in the World Award," according to Entertainment Weekly. Another fan also gifted the actress a set of Russian nesting dolls with each one painted as one of her clone characters.

When asked by the moderator about getting snubbed by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, she said, "We're at a point where television is extremely exciting. I just feel really lucky to be at this point in television history making a show like this," according to the Associated Press.

As what to expect for the show's season 3, co-creator Graeme Manson said that the writers have talked about meeting the mother of Alison Hendrix (one of the several clones being played by Maslany). Showrunners wish to cast Catherine O'Hara for the role, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Maslany's Helena, on the other hand, may meet the tow truck guy again, whom she had made out with in season 2. "Suits" star Patrick J. Adams, who played the tow truck guy, is a huge fan of the show and if he has the chance to reprise the role, he will be willing to do it. Kristian Bruun, who played Donnie Hendrix in the show, shared at the panel that he recently bumped into Adams at a diner, and the 32-year-old actor said he wants to make a return appearance in the show, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In a related news, "Orphan Black" will also take the form of a comic book series in 2015. It will be published by IDW Publishing and will feature all-new stories.

"'Orphan Black,' in addition to being a captivating TV series, is a perfect premise for comics," said Chris Ryall, IDW's chief creative officer and editor-in-chief in a press release. "And as the second season has expanded the series in exciting new directions, that has only increased the amount of stories we'll be able to tell in comic-book form."

Temple Street Productions, the production company behind "Orphan Black," is also delighted by the news.       

"We're so thrilled for 'Orphan Black' to take shape as a comic series and join the ranks of IDW's impressive roster," said Temple Street Productions managing director John Young said in the press release. "'Orphan Black' was met with an enormous amount of enthusiasm at last year's Comic-Con which really inspired us to give back to fans of the show through a medium so vital to the science fiction world."

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