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Temperley London To Launch Innovative Fashion Film

Aug 04, 2014 07:18 PM EDT
Temperley London
(Photo : Temperley London/ Facebook)

Temperley London has created an unique online experience via a fashion film that will launch exclusively on Net-a-Porter on Wednesday, according to WWD.

The British brand has leveraged new technology from the U.S. video platform Cinematique to bring this innovative fashion film to life.

"Our exclusive collaboration with Cinematique came about very organically, during a recent trip to New York," stated Alice Temperley to WWD.

"The digital, technical and creative vision between all of us worked from the very beginning, and it felt like the perfect collaboration. We're doing something innovative and groundbreaking, but also really fun."

The fashion film depicts the run-up to Alice Temperley's annual summer party at her home in Somerset, England, according to WWD.

The unique aspect of the short film is that those watching the video will be able to touch "hot spots" while the images are moving, which will allow the user to store an item in a personal boutique, share it or buy it on Net-a-Porter," as WWD reported.

All of this functionality will be able to happen while the film continues to run uninterrupted.

There will also be additional video content available, such as outtakes, brand history, information on the décor in the film and party-related details, which can also be saved.

Ulrik Garde Due, chief executive officer of Temperley London, commented to WWD, "The consumer wants authentic storytelling in an innovative and entertaining manner."

"Thanks to...Cinematique, viewers can emotionally connect with Alice Temperley's magical world while shopping the film."

The video was shot by Henry Temperley, Alice's brother, while her sister, Matilda Temperley, was the photographer who shot the behind-the-scenes stills.

Alice was creative director of the film.

After Net-a-Porter's one-week exclusive, the film will then air on Temperley London's online site. The film works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, as WWD pointed out.

We must admit that we are pretty excited to see this unveiled as it's always interesting to see how fashion brands integrate technology to continually push themselves forward within the digital space.

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