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Alexander Wang To Return To Manhattan For Spring 2015

Aug 07, 2014 05:57 PM EDT
Alexander Wang
(Photo : Getty Images/Neilson Barnard)

Alexander Wang made headlines back in January when he announced his decision to show his fall 2014 collection at Brooklyn Navy Yard instead of at his usual spot in Manhattan.

While many editors grumbled about having to trek all the way to Brooklyn to see Wang's show, the event ended up being a success. But, after just one season in the outer borough, Wang has decided to bring his show back to Manhattan (can you hear everyone at Condé Nast letting out a collective sigh of relief?).

Next month, Wang plans to return to Pier 94 in Manhattan to show his spring 2015 collection, Fashionista reported. He will once again show at his usual 5 p.m. time slot instead of 8 p.m. like he did for fall.

While we knew Wang wasn't going to show in Brooklyn forever (he said back in January that it was a one-time thing), we kind of thought he might switch things up again this season and present his spring collection in a new location. The designer has previously presented collections at the Roseland Ballroom and the Cunard Building on Wall Street.

Following Wang's fall show in February, another big name in the fashion industry decided to host a show in Brooklyn. In April, Dior announced that it would show its resort 2015 collection at the same location Wang held his fall show.

"We wanted the show to feel very New York, and the Navy Yard's view and space captures the city," a spokeswoman for Dior told WWD.

Dior offered round-trip, door-to-door car and ferry service, with cars that dropped people off at the ferry docks located at 34th Street and the FDR Drive and boats that took guests to the show space's front door.

What do you think of Wang's decision to show in Manhattan again at his usual spot? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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