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Esquire To Host Three-Day Menswear Event During New York Fashion Week

Aug 28, 2014 10:44 AM EDT
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Earlier this month, it was rumored that a separate New York Men's Fashion Week might be close to becoming a reality. In the meantime, Esquire has decided to host a three-day event during New York Fashion Week in September.

According to WWD, the event, which is scheduled to take place from next Wednesday to Friday, will include a series of designer presentations during the day and various other events at night.

The event will kick off on Wednesday night with a party at Parlor, which will be DJ'd by Mark Ronson. On Thursday night, Esquire and the Tribeca Film Institute will host a party TFI-funded projects and films that premiere this season. On Friday, American menswear designers Proper Cloth, Haspel and Cadet will host presentations to show off their wares. The event will come to a close with a party on Friday night with DJ Mia Moretti.

"Everybody knows the big fashion houses. This is an opportunity to celebrate up-and-coming brands," Jack Essig, senior vice president, publishing director and chief revenue officer for Hearst's men's group, told WWD.

Advertisers for the event include Tudor, Rogaine, Jockey, Stolichnaya Vodka, Peroni Beer, Emirates Airline, Perry Ellis and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb. Sponsors will be present at the event but there will be no product placement on models during the presentations.

When asked if Esquire would be open to sponsoring the much-rumored New York Men's Fashion Week, Essig was cautious with his answer, applauding the idea of such an event without really mentioning the magazine's thoughts on getting involved.

"It would be great. There's a lot of buzz around a men's fashion week in New York," he said.

What do you think of Esquire's decision to host a three-day menswear event during New York Fashion Week next month? Do you think New York should create its own fashion week for menswear designers similar to events in London, Milan and Paris? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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