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NYFW Spring 2015: Art Meets Fashion At Whit Presentation

Sep 12, 2014 01:48 PM EDT
(Photo : Whit )

When art and fashion collide!

Kicking off New York Fashion Week, Canadian designer Whitney Pozgay presented new Spring 2015 WHIT collection at the Onishi Gallery in Chelsea.

Attendes previewed the fresh new fashion pieces alongside artworks by Jill Galarneau, Gordon Holden, Amanda Jasnowski and Mary Matson., all while sipping Cointreau cocktails.

Playful yet still proper, the rising designer's latest lineup included a number fun prints and incorporated many of the artists own work throughout the collection. Stand out pieces included a white caricature T-shirt and striped skirt, trapeze dress featuring a sheer latticework overlay worn with a colorful daisy slip underneath and mix match Hawaiian inspired separates.

We caught up with Pozgay at the presentation to hear more about the artful collection.

FT: How did this mix of art  show meets fashion show come about?

WP: My husband is a painter and we've always worked with our artist friends to help us make prints. We always set out for it to be a collaborative view and really wanted the clothes to showcase the artist work.

How did you curate the artists you worked it?

It was a really organic process. Mary is a friend of ours  and she's helped us with look books and prints and branding so this was a fun way to show off her real art work. Gordon is a friend of my bothers and I've always liked his work. And I've always loved Amanda's work too and wanted to share it. Angelika I grew up with in Arizona and we had a very similar suburban childhood.. She has an amazing beautiful aesthetic very complex but still very beautiful and energetic.

What are your favorites pieces in the collection?

I love the "Riot Girl" top [inspired by Bikini Kill front woman Kathleen Hanna] that read, "Girls to the Front," which is also the name of the collection. There is a little bit of girl power inspiration. I also love the spin art pieces which my husband created.

What is the best and most challenging aspect about working with your husband?

The hardest thing is we never put it to bed. We are always talking about work. But we definitely get a lot done!

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