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Not Your Average Halloween Party: HighBall Halloween to Feature Costume Couture Fashion Showdown [PHOTO]

Oct 22, 2013 12:23 PM EDT
Highball Halloween
(Photo : Facebook)

Halloween celebrations typically consist of people in cheap costumes packed into a small space with tacky decorations and some spiked punch or a bar crawl with some close friends.

But the Halloween enthusiasts at Electric Avenue believe that the spooky holiday should be much more than that.

Enter HighBall Halloween, one of the country's most elaborate and fashionable costume parties.

The main attraction at HighBall Halloween, which is held on High Street, the main strip of the Short North Arts District just north of downtown Columbus, is the couture costume fashion show.

"To our knowledge this is the only [Halloween celebration] that really builds on the reputation of having an amazing fashion show," John Angelo, founder and producer of Highball Halloween, told Fox News.

Highball Halloween came about as a way to celebrate the fashion culture and design talent in Columbus, so rather than being a traditional Halloween party at which people show up dressed as zombies, witches and vampires wearing gory makeup and scary masks, this event focuses heavily on fashionable costumes by working with the designers, costumers, models and makeup artists in the area.

"We wanted to make it a brand-builder not of just drunken debauchery but [something that says], 'Yes, this makes sense, this is what an arts district should do with a Halloween event,'" Angelo said.

Ten teams of designers and costumers work together to put on the runway show, and the couture costumes that are created are judged for cash prizes. This year's judges include Dominique Reighard from America's Next Top Model and Mayor Michael Coleman.

Highball Halloween begins this Friday at 6 p.m. and will also (for the first time ever) take place on Saturday. The highly anticipated Costume Couture Fashion Showdown will take place on Friday on a 65-foot runway.

What do you think of this type of Halloween celebration? Would you ever attend HighBall Halloween if you were in the area? 

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