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ÉSTAINE Transforms The Science Of A Cancer Diagnosis Into Fashion With A Purpose

Sep 30, 2014 08:49 PM EDT
(Photo : ÉSTAINE/Courtesy)

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we were excited to find an organization that combines fashion with supporting cancer research, education and awareness.

ÉSTAINE works to depict the science behind the cancer fight through its impactful prints on women's and men's accessories that include silk scarves and ties made in Como, Italy.

(Photo : ÉSTAINE/Courtesy)

The prints originate from stained cells, as they are seen under a microscope during cancer diagnosis.

(Photo : ÉSTAINE/Courtesy)

With the unique way ÉSTAINE is bringing to light such an important topic through fashion, we were eager to speak with the brand's founder, Zofia Wosinska, to learn more.

Zofia Wosinska
(Photo : Magdalena Wosinska/Courtesy)

1. Are the designs used for your products just from breast tissue or from other cancer-stricken areas?

"In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, most of our products are depictions of the battle with breast cancer, so our inspirations were breast cancer diagnostic tests."

"We will have a couple of others in the October pre-sale. Few people know, October is also Liver Cancer awareness, so we have a design-inspired by the science behind this diagnosis and battle."

"You will also see a lymphoma fight-inspired design, which captures my husband's [Jeremy's] battle and test, which led to his treatment."

(Photo : ÉSTAINE/Courtesy )

2. How do you feel these designs have impacted those suffering from cancer and those who survived, such as your husband?

"It all started with an idea that turned into a local educational fashion fundraiser that made such an impact in a small community. It was so awesome to share with the general audience the science behind diagnosis. What is a biopsy? What do the colors mean? How does it pave the way to the cure? Few people knew the answers to these questions prior to coming to the [fashion] show. I think it instilled the importance of diagnosis - and I sincerely hope encouraged even one person to see a doctor earlier."

"My husband was one of these survivors [who took part in the fashion fundraiser] - he was ironically diagnosed in the midst of planning this event and finished treatment just a few week prior to the show. I think that strut down the runway, showing off those colors and patterns, was a manifestation of their strength, of their life."

"I couldn't forget about the effect that event had. Hence, here we are. That's the kind of impact I dream ÉSTAINE will make, but across a much larger community - not only bringing awareness, but also being a symbol of the beauty and color in life that we cannot allow cancer to take away."

(Photo : ÉSTAINE/Courtesy)

3. With the pre-sale beginning with the launch of the ÉSTAINE website on October 1, when can customers expect to receive their orders?

"The pre-sale products will be shipped four months after meeting the pre-sale manufacturing minimum. Our target ship start date is February 1, 2015."

"The pre-sale funds manufacturing and development of the ÉSTAINE line. Ten to twenty percent of all pre-sale pledges will go directly to the cancer charity, which we are excited to announce is, with customers/backers selecting their [desired] donation." 

4. Outside of women's and men's accessories, any thoughts on where you would like to take ÉSTAINE next, in regards to product assortment?

"Without revealing too much, let's just say that accessories are just the beginning, ÉSTAINE clothing is definitely in the plans." 

"However, we are relying on our customers and supporters to lead the way for the next product line. We will be traveling a lot in the upcoming months, showing our products and asking for customer feedback. We are going to listen and grow with our customers." 

(Photo : ÉSTAINE/Courtesy)

Once you visit the ÉSTAINE online shop, be sure to let us know how their designs have inspired you.

What are your thoughts on this venture that takes the science behind a cancer diagnosis and brings it to life through fashion?

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