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Gabriele Colangelo to Replace Jil Sander at Her Eponymous Label?

Oct 25, 2013 09:57 AM EDT
 Gabriele Colangelo
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Jil Sander stepped down from her eponymous label on Thursday, and now a lot of people are left wondering who will replace her.

So far, one person has been deemed the front runner of the race to replace the German fashion designer - Gabriele Colangelo.

Colangelo is a young, Milan-based designer who started out working in the industry at Versace and Cavalli. The up-and-coming designer has a pared-back aesthetic similar to Sander and also puts an emphasis on luxurious fabrication and precision cuts. It is thought that he could also bring a modern point of view to the label in the same way that Raf Simons did when he joined Jil Sander in 2005.

So far, none of this speculation has actually been confirmed because Colangelo was not reachable for comment on Friday morning.

As for Sander herself, no details have been released about her reasoning for her sudden resignation, but sources credited by WWD suggested that the decision relates to her longtime partner, Dickie Mommsen.

The only confirmed information released so far came in a statement that was released on Thursday that stated the designer was leaving her namesake label for the third time, this time for personal reasons.

"On behalf of the group, I want to thank Jil Sander for her remarkable contribution to the brand over this period," Jil Sander chief executive Alessandro Cremonesi said in the statement.

"Her outstanding design and creative leadership have been crucial in reinforcing the brand and positioning it to foster further prosperous growth".

Sander founded her brand, which is known for its minimalist aesthetic, in Hamburg, Germany, back in 1968 before selling the majority of it to Prada Group with the hopes of working alongside the new management. In 2001, she unexpectedly resigned from her position as chairwoman, and shortly after as chief designer. She reportedly stepped down after an ongoing conflict with Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli, who is Miuccia Prada's husband.

Sander was reinstated in May 2003, but once again, the designer and Bertelli reportedly were unable to have a working professional relationship, which caused Sander to step down in November 2004.

She was succeeded by Raf Simons the following year in May, and when he departed for Dior in February 2012, Sander returned to the house to replace him. 

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