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Damien Hirst, Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf Collaboration Unveiled [PHOTO]

Nov 13, 2013 01:50 PM EST
Alexander McQueen
(Photo : Damien Hirst)

Damien Hirst is known for teaming up with fashion designers, so it was not surprising when the English artist announced that he and Alexander McQueen had a collaboration in the works.

In order to celebrate 10 years of McQueen's iconic skull scarf, the luxury fashion house teamed up with Hirst to create a collection of 30 different styles of limited-edition scarves, which will launch exclusively at Alexander McQueen boutiques and on this Friday. Prices for the scarves range from $515 to $1,175.

The designer's skull-printed scarf first appeared in his spring 2003 collection and has since become an iconic item that is reproduced every season using new materials, patterns and colorways.

All of the designs are adapted from Hirst's Entomology series, with butterflies, bugs, spiders and other insects being reworked to form kaleidoscopic geometric shapes and laid out to recreate McQueen's famed skull motif.

Hirst told the New York Times that working together with McQueen is "something we should have done years ago. I love McQueen and think this collaboration is a marriage made in heaven. Our collaboration is a long time coming."

The late designer shared several motifs with Hirst, including the butterfly, which Hirst used as the basis for this kaleidoscopic collection. Hirst has also been known to use skulls in his work. Back in 2007, he created a platinum cast of a human skull that he encrusted with 8,601 diamonds. The piece, called For the Love of God, reportedly sold for £50 million to a private buyer, the Telegraph reported.

In addition to collaborating with McQueen, Hirst decorated 20 Prada handbags with bugs last month that were auctioned off for undisclosed amounts. Last year, he decorated 12 backpacks that were designed by The Row with multicolored dots and prescription pills, which sold in the $50,000 range. 

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