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Nordstrom Now Allowing Pinterest Users to Determine What Merchandise is Displayed in Stores

Nov 26, 2013 08:45 AM EST
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Pinterest was recently named the fastest-growing content sharing platform, and retailers are taking notice.

Nordstrom is now using Pinterest to decide what items it will display in stores and is allowing the sharing service's community to help influence these decisions.

"Our customers are on Pinterest, so we want to be there too," Bryan Galipeau, social media manager at Nordstrom, told Business Insider.

"Pinterest is in many ways the world's biggest wish list - and so it also fits well with our goal of having our merchandise show up in our customer's wish lists."

Nordstrom, which has almost 4.5 million users on the social network, began testing this new approach earlier this year and has finally put it into action.

The most popular items on Pinterest are now being marked with a red tag to identify them as a popular items in the women's shoe and handbag departments of Nordstrom's 117 stores.

Some of the items that are currently popular on Pinterest include a brown faux leather moto jacket, a nude and gold Burberry watch, a Kate Spade statement necklace and a pair of black and white Dolce Vita pumps.

Galipeau noted that the most popular categories on Pinterest include women's fashion, beauty, home, wedding, gifts and kids.

To make things easier for the salespeople in stores, Nordstrom created an in-store app that matches popular items from Pinterest with current inventory for a department on a store-by-store basis.

Galipeau told Business Insider that the Pinterest displays in the retailer's stores will be refreshed by sales associates every week, but they might be updated more frequently if the staff notices a big trend in the popularity of an item.

"The customer is voting with their pins to tell us what they think is hot - and we're listening closely," Galipeau said.

"It's always really exciting to see what they pin."

This new approach isn't the only way Nordstrom is using Pinterest though. The upscale fashion retailer also debuted its holiday catalog on the site late last week. 

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