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Aldo Partners With BeachMint

Dec 03, 2013 09:50 AM EST

Popular E-commerce company BeachMint has partnered with the Aldo Group after signing a long-term manufacturing and distribution deal to produce shoes for its footwear-focused website ShoeMint.

Aldo, which replaces ShoeMint's previous manufacturing partner, Steve Madden, will not only design, make and distribute the footwear, but will also sell the branded products through its retail network after taking an equity stake in the company.

"The beauty of ShoeMint is that it is a brand that is positioned in a very similar way to our Aldo brand - beautiful leather-based fashion footwear at mid level prices," Aldo group retail and product services president David Bensadoun told WWD.

According to Fashion United, the partnership will also see the number of shoe styles ShoeMint offers increase from eight to ten new styles per month, which makes it around 30. The new lines will launch early next year and will retail between $70 and $200.

BeachMint has recently been in other news. It announced last month that the group launched its news lingerie line IntiMint by Cosabella and named Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen co-chairs of its advisory board, as well as offering the fashion twins a stake in the company.

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