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Wearable Technology Exhibition Launches In New York

Dec 09, 2014 04:42 PM EST
Mazdack Rassi
(Photo : Getty/Andrew H. Walker)

A five-day exhibition examining the history of wearable tech will debut at Muzse. This is the first public presentation for the multiworkshop initiative founded earlier this year by Milk Studios in partnership with Intel Corp.

The exhibit, entitled "Adorned: The Shape of Things to Come," is divided into four stations — vision, sound, data and kinesthetics — with each section organized around past, present and future innovations.

"These things now feel like technology, but in the future will be an everyday item," Mazdack Rassi, cofounder and creative director of Milk Studios, parent company of Legs Media, Milk Gallery, Made Fashion Week and, told WWD.

The exhibit will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Saturday at 446 West 14th Street.

An installation of 19 polarized sunglass frames is suspended in mid-air in front of a wall of five white-washed screens, according to WWD. Each screen contains neon-splashed animation that can only be viewed through the lenses of the eyewear.

Also on display is Intel's MICA, or My Intelligent Communications Accessory, created in partnership with Opening Ceremony. The smart bracelet connects to wearers' text messages and other notifications including email, Facebook events and Google calendar alerts. Powered by Intel and TomTom, the device also offers a "personal concierge" that adjusts based on location and provides access to Yelp searches to find nearby hotspots. Users can dismiss notifications from the device or respond with customizable quick replies.

Oculus Rift's virtual reality headset and the Intel-powered SMS Audio BioSport in-ear headphones are also on display. The latter contains an optical sensor measuring the wearer's heart rate while eliminating noise signals induced by body movement.

According to WWD, "Rassi compared these technologies with watches -— among the earliest form of wearable — noting that timepieces were once only worn by the uberwealthy."

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