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One to Watch: Designer Rosie Assoulin

Dec 12, 2013 03:52 PM EST
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At just 13 years old, Fashion Week 2014 newcomer Rosie Assoulin began experimenting with texture, pattern and style with her grandmother's sewing machine. The experience led her to understand the complexities and contradictions of life and how to express it through art, an understanding that has led her Resort 2014 collection to be called "a phenomenon" among fashion critics.

But it wasn't until 15 years after she began learning how to create garments that she opened up the possibilities of design; she dedicated her time to honing her skills under the watch of her mentor and future mother-in-law, veteran jewelry designer Roxanne Assoulin. Assoulin also furthered her knowledge at Fashion Institute Technology, but promptly dropped out after only four months. However, with the experiences she gained from her mentor and the short stint at FIT, Assoulin was able to land an internship with Oscar de la Renta in New York, where she watched the legendary designer cut, drape and pin his collections.

After her stay at de la Renta's, Assoulin sought out a life-altering chance to practice her skills at the design studio of Lanvin in Paris where she worked directly under Alber Elbaz's unmatched design talent. After working with three of her childhood idols, Assoulin felt it was time for her to branch out and explore her own creativity through her newly found design perspective and aesthetic. Through her personal and professional experiences in jewelry, floral and event design, Assoulin has a well-rounded design aesthetic that directly feeds into her eponymous Resort 2014 collection.

The collection incorporates some of the designer's favorite elegant fabrics and evolved, classic silhouettes. Yards of pure silk and cotton failles dominates the collection in a variety of categories, such as eveningwear, cocktail, separates, tailored pieces and even outerwear. The collection gathers inspiration from the voluminous, feminine sashes of the East, tempered with masculinity of Western tailoring and finishing.

Assoulin's design aesthetic walks the line between romantic fantasy and practicality, consisting of a blend of luxurious sensuality, sculpted ease and bold lines. Her curiosity seeks to inform the ever-changing definition of fashion; her inspiration seeks to reinterpret the interconnected beauty and wondrous sights and sounds that we all encounter in life through her designs.

Keep your eyes on this talented up-and-coming designer, she's one to watch.

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