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Missoni Spring 2015 Campaign Inspired By Artist Paul Jacoulet

Dec 19, 2014 02:24 PM EST
Missoni spring 2015
(Photo : Getty/Stefania D'Alessandro )

Model Amanda Murphy posed for Dutch artist Viviane Sassen in Missoni's new spring 2015 campaign image. The aesthetic was inspired by French artist Paul Jacoulet's Japanese woodblock prints.

WWD released some of the campaign's images, which show Murphy in "a box in shaded sorbet colors." The upcoming campaign, set to debut globally in January, was creative directed by the M/M Paris studio.

Murphy appears in sluggish, yet chic, poses for the campaign, alongside giant metallic globe accessories and unique floral compositions.

You can view four of the campaign images here.

Missoni's fall 2014 campaign featured model Joan Smalls and was also shot by Sassen, alongside Justin Barnhill.

"[Smalls] is one of the most famous and adored models of this moment, and she perfectly embodies the spirit of this collection. With her beautiful complexion, intensity and strong, contemporary attitude, she seemed to me the ideal protagonist of this campaign, one that puts together past and future, memory and sci-fi and reality and fantasy," Angela Missoni told back in July.

"It's an imaginary world, one thousand years forward, and a surreal and humorous setting comprised of ancient ruins, bright vivid color, metallic shades, sharp geometric patterns and robotic futuristic creatures  — an ideal frame for Missoni's contemporary and stylish woman."

Later in July, Missoni teamed up with Converse for a six-piece limited-edition collection. The shoes, which range in price from $85 to $100, were sold at Nordstrom.

Sneakers are still trendy after their major moment this past summer.

Designers and labels such as Chanel, DKNY, Edun and Marc by Marc Jacobs all showed stylish sneakers as part of their Fall 2014 collections.

What do you think of Missoni's new Jacoulet-inspired campaign? What partnership do you think the brand will launch next? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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