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Mr Porter To Host Google+ Q&A

Dec 24, 2014 03:21 PM EST
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Mr Porter, a British online menswear retailer, will be hosting a Q&A session on Google+ hangout to promote its feature film "Kingsman."

Set for release in February 2015, the film stars Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Taron Egerton.

Mr Porter's involvement with "Kingsman" will include a microsite, a curated apparel collection and exclusive interviews with the cast of the film, according to Luxury Daily.

The company's sister site, Net-A-Porter, has often teamed with popular movies, including "The Hunger Games" franchise, for limited-edition capsule collections. These partnerships drive fans to its e-commerce site and gain publicity for the designers it carries.

The live Google+ hangout is scheduled for Jan. 14 at 9:30 a.m. GMT and will allow consumers to ask questions to Toby Bateman, Mr Porter's buying director, and Arianne Phillips, Kingsman's costume director.

William Oliver, associate editor of Fashion Beans, and Chris John Millington, a photographer and menswear expert, will also be guests on the chat.

You can access the live Q&A on Google+ hangout here.

Many luxury brands have been utilizing social media to directly communicate with consumers.

For example, MAC Cosmetics and Marc by Marc Jacobs both cast recent campaigns through Instagram.

"It seemed like a great idea to me, as casting through Instagram seemed cool, current and strong," Jacobs told WWD after his fall campaign was revealed.

"We wanted the ads to shout with youth and energy ... to be fresh and reclaim the spirit that the collection had when we first conceived of it — to be another collection, not a second line."

Back in October, Nordstrom became one of the first luxury brands to create a username and community on Reddit to gain consumer feedback and enable active conversation with consumers.

The social media platform benefits mostly through the "ask me anything" conversations, known on Reddit as "AMA" discussions. These are usually started with a Nordstrom buyer introducing themselves and explaining their role in the company, then they will ask a question for Reddit users to respond to.

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