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Roberto Cavalli Thinks Michael Kors is 'One of the Biggest Copy Designers in the World'

Dec 18, 2013 01:08 PM EST
Roberto Cavalli
(Photo : REUTERS/Max Rossi )

Michael Kors is one of the most widely recognized American fashion designers and is set to become the industry's next billionaire, but fellow designer Roberto Cavalli thinks that he is responsible for Kors' success.

Apparently, the opinionated Italian designer believes that Kors steals his designs and tries to pass them off as his own.

"He's one of the biggest copy designers in the world," Cavalli told

"I just want to tell him to stop copying me! Stop! All the time I write those comments on Instagram. He copies everybody!"

But Kors isn't the only designer Cavalli suspects of copying his looks.

"Before I [launched] Just Cavalli, I started to see how many people around me were copying me," he said.

"There was Cavalli style all over, and I said, 'Why am I giving so many opportunities to other people? Maybe I should just start to copy myself.' So I started Just Cavalli to copy myself."

But Cavalli didn't just call out his fellow designers for being copy cats. He also accused American women of stealing the style of others.

"Americans like Michael Kors! And you love so many other designers who do that - he's not American fashion. He is international fashion made in America. It's not fair. The American women, they all dress the same," he said.

That's not all Cavalli had to say about American fashion though. He also thinks New Yorkers started wearing black to look thinner.

"Oh, please. New York became like that because everyone wants to look skinnier. Black is the color people wear when they're gym fanatics ... But black is negative, it's not positive. And it's a little more American," he said.

Maybe they're just too afraid to experiment with new colors?

"American women, in my opinion, have to be a little bit more open-minded," Cavalli added.

What do you think of Cavalli's statements about Kors and American women? 

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