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NYC Facial Surgeon Reveals 2015 Beauty Trends In Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Jan 07, 2015 06:13 AM EST
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2015 has begun and with it, an all new set of trends.  From fashion, to beauty, it's time to look towards the future and learn what's going to be hot for the New Year.

We caught up with New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Miller who gave us the professional inside scoop on upcoming 2015 Beauty Trends. Dr. Miller revealed the most common requests are now leaning towards minimal or noninvasive procedures. This trend among patients seeking cosmetic surgery is still going strong despite the imminent economic rebound.

The top requests among patients are:

The Pony Tail Lift - Ever notice how your face looks in a pony tail? The look is always super snatched and does wonders for the skin, lifting anything and everything.


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To achieve this same look, Dr. Miller offers patients the cutting-edge Ponytail Lift; designed to permanently mimic the improved appearance that comes with pulled back hair and is minimally invasive.

Liquid or Non Invasive Rhinoplasty - Not to be confused with your traditional nose job, this is in fact a noninvasive procedure that can be done over your lunch hour! How does it work?


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The Liquid Rhinoplasty uses common dermal fillers which are then sculpted to give the appearance of a real rhinoplasty.  While the results are only temporary in this case, the upside is that the procedure is much less expensive than a traditional rhino surgery.

Jawline Contouring. Now this procedure can be performed on both men and women. and cheek augmentation for women - Want to look 10 years younger in less than 10 minutes?


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Jaw Contouring requires the use of short and long acting fillers that can actually provide a movie star worthy jawline or offer the final result of full cheeks that are prominent. 

Which of these procedures do you think will be trending in 2015? Tell us with a note below!

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