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Eden Miller of Plus-Size Clothing Line Cabiria Talks New York Fashion Week, Future Plans, More

Dec 24, 2013 12:18 PM EST
(Henry S. Dziekan III for Fashion Law Institute)

Frustrated with the lack of high-quality clothing options for plus-size women, Eden Miller decided to take matters into her own hands.

So with some help from a Kickstarter campaign, the New York-based designer launched Cabiria, a plus-size clothing line that features dresses, blouses and skirts in sizes 12 to 24.

"I would go into beautiful stores with beautiful merchandise, and I couldn't even go into the dressing room to try it on," Miller, who wears a size 20, told us of her shopping excursions at various New York City stores.

"I wanted to create a line [for plus-size women] that I would see if I was shopping at Bergdorf's or Barneys."

Miller's high-quality garments, which come in modern cuts and classic styles with graphic prints, began attracting a great deal of attention following the designer's runway show at New York Fashion Week back in September. Miller, who was one of six designers selected to participate in the Fashion Law Institute of Fordham University's runway show, became the first designer to show during New York Fashion Week earlier this year.

"I thought that I would be treated as a token, like I wouldn't be treated seriously by fashion week and the press," Miller said.

But rather than being cast into a negative light, Miller said the response to her show was overwhelmingly positive.

"Most everybody was so wonderful and gracious. Everyone had this moment of, 'Oh this is so exciting,'" the designer said.

Following her much-discussed fashion week show, Miller said her label has received a lot more exposure, which has made it easier for her to sell the brand. But with more attention comes more responsibility.

"It also raises the stakes of what's expected of me. It's harder to have the regular stumbles and learning curve that you have with a new business and a start-up when all eyes are on you," Miller said.

So what's next for this designer? In addition to expanding into the European fashion market, Miller said she is also considering expanding her brand with an accessories line.

"Anything where I can be designing makes me happy. I'm open to [exploring other industries] because it all makes me happy."

Miller's clothing can be found in various boutiques throughout the U.S. and online shops including,, and 

Click through the slideshow above to see some looks from the Cabiria runway show during New York Fashion Week. 

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