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TigerLogic Launches Postano Command Center Platform: Here's How It Will Help Fashion Brands Expand Their Social Media Engagement

Feb 04, 2015 02:23 PM EST
(Photo : Courtesy/Postano)

It's no secret that social media is now a key part of most fashion brands' business.

Whether they're making their Instagram accounts shoppable or using Twitter to find models for advertising campaigns, there's no denying that social media can be beneficial to those who use it effectively.

On Wednesday at the Ace Hotel in New York City, TigerLogic Corporation announced the launch and immediate availability of its Postano Command Center, a product that wasn't designed specifically for fashion brands but can certainly be used by them to significantly expand their social media engagement.

The Postano Command Center features a 16-foot wide and eight-foot tall screen display that provides users with the ability to evaluate large quantities of user-generated content in real-time via the immersive screens that show activity across multiple social, web and e-commerce sources.

By searching its name in the Postano Command Center, a brand like Marc Jacobs could see everything people are saying about it on Twitter, Instagram, etc. in real-time.

"The Postano Command Center puts big data into visual context, solving one of the biggest challenges facing brands today," TigerLogic CEO Brad Timchuk said in a press release.

"Although brands have access to more data than ever, it is usually trapped in silos. This innovative solution from TigerLogic breaks down these silos by streaming together data from many different sources in one comprehensive view."

While the names of Postano Command Center clients are still being kept confidential, Jon Vaughan, Postano's director of business development, retail, told us several fashion companies are among the product's early adopters, and he believes it has a wide range of applications in the fashion space.

"[A company like] Kering can really get a great oversight of how each of its brands are becoming relevant with customers and which people are actually responding to campaigns at a global level. The thing that's really interesting is that as each brand is trying to grow geographically, they're sometimes unsure of what people are really gravitating to, so this provides great insight," he told us.  

"One of the things that I would love to see at the different fashion weeks throughout the world is how the consumer responds at each of those events. [The Postano Command Center] would be extremely useful for that because you can track geographically which types of launches are resonating where. That's a big question right now for a lot of fashion brands." 

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