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Nolcha Fashion Week Ones To Watch Fall 2015: Yvette Hass, Charles & Ron, Mitsou Ly And Haute Athletics

Feb 17, 2015 10:39 AM EST
Nolcha Fashion Week
(Photo : Yvette Hass, Charles & Ron, Mitsou Ly, Haute Athletics)

Staging a runway show during New York Fashion Week can be a challenging task — even for the most well-known and established designers.

Fortunately for those just starting out, there's Nolcha Fashion Week's "Ones to Watch" runway show, which took place on Sunday afternoon.

The show, which was held at Pier 59 Studios, highlighted four up-and-coming designers — Yvette Hass, an emerging Swedish designer, Charles & Ron, an award-winning Maltese design duo, Mitsou Ly, who proudly manufactures her line in the U.S., and Haute Athletics, a New York City-based athleticwear company.

"The fashion industry is a competitive sector requiring a lot of financial and networking support. Fresh talent and new businesses are beneficial for the economy and should be welcomed continuously into the fashion sector," Nolcha Fashion Week CEO and co-founder Kerry Bannigan told us last season when asked why she thinks it's important to support young designers.

"We aim to showcase cutting edge global talent seeking to expand, launch or grow in the USA market that are sellable and have a business foundation."

(Photo : Courtesy/Nolcha Fashion Week)

Yvette Hass showed a collection of black-and-white looks featuring a slew of leather and fur. Sheer pants with intriciate embellishments and white fuzzy sweaters were a few of our favorite pieces.

"It feels fantastic to have the opportunity to show in New York. It's really a dream come true," the designer told us prior to Sunday's show.

"The inspiration for the fall 2015 collection is all the amazing people I had the chance to meet during the year."

(Photo : Courtesy/Nolcha Fashion Week)

Charles & Ron also showed a very dark collection, with black, purple and green making up most of the color palette. A gorgeous black dress with a full skirt, cut-out back and gold neck embellishments was the stand out item in this collection.

(Photo : Courtesy/Nolcha Fashion Week)

Mitsou Ly showed a collection of women's separates that mix feminine style with an edgy flair.

(Photo : Courtesy/Nolcha Fashion Week)

Haute Athletics' collection, which consisted of leggings, sports bras and other athletic gear, was modeled by real athletes on the runway instead of traditional models. Brianne McLaughlin, a member of the U.S. women's national ice hockey team, walked in the show and sported two Olympic medals she won in Vancouver and Sochi for the finale. 

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