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Crocs to Launch Upscale Footwear Collection

Jan 06, 2014 02:50 PM EST
Stefano Furiani Collection
(Photo : Stefano Furiani Collection)

When you think of Crocs, it's probably difficult to imagine those multi-colored, perforated clogs on the feet of fashionistas and trendsetters. But rather, you likely picture them being worn by children, gardeners and nurses.

But Crocs Inc. hopes to change that perception.

The Colorado-based company is set to launch a collection under the name of its designer, Stefano Furiani, hoping that it might be able to target a higher-fashion consumer.

"It's the alter-ego of Crocs," Katy Lachky Michael, Crocs vice president of communications, told WWD of the upscale footwear line, which will retail for $80 to $120.

The new collection, which was also conceived by Furiani, will include career pumps, flats, mules and ankle-strap thongs in a variety of colors. But not everything about these new Crocs will be different. For example, they will still retain some of the brand's signature features, including the TPU-made uppers and Croslite footbeds.

"Our vision is to set new expectations in product creation using mixed materials in unexpected ways, but inspiring ways," said Furiani, who serves as research and development director for Crocs Italy.

"The Furiani line is curatorial footwear - product with clearly defined and coherent contemporary art themes [coupled with] true innovation and artistic impact."

To further separate the Furiani brand with Crocs, the new collection will not be sold in Crocs stores or on its website. Instead, the range will roll out with limited distribution at about 30 different stores and online retailers, including The Tannery in Boston, Harry's Shoes in New York, Sportie LA in Los Angeles and Delivery is slated to take place in March.

Despite their lack of popularity among the fashion set, Cros' range of more than 300 styles is available in about 90 countries.

What do you think of the brand's decision to launch a new collection aimed at a more sophisticated customer? 

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