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Jason Wu Designed Doll for Montaigne Market

Jan 10, 2014 12:43 PM EST
Jason Wu
(Photo : Jason Wu)

Jason Wu is revisiting his roots.

The Taiwanese-Canadian fashion designer, who worked as a toy designer for a decade before entering the fashion world, has created a doll for retailer Montaigne Market that will wear a look from his spring 2014 collection.

The limited-edition doll, which is priced at 150 euros, will be sold exclusively at Montaigne Market and on its website beginning at the end of February to coincide with the fall 2014 runway shows.

The doll will don a sporty, belted jacket in cream with deep front pockets and a gold sequined skirt. It will also carry tiny Montaigne Market shopping bags.

"I've always been very detail-driven - that's just my nature - so miniature has always been very easy for me," Wu told WWD.

"We did everything, from translating the little buckles that we had to make, to the shoes - we replicated the runway shoes exactly. We also replicated the Daphne clutch, our signature bag, into the doll scale, so everything from hardware and everything has to be shrunken down," he added.

Previously, Wu has produced dolls for Colette in Paris, as well as Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey in New York.

"It's sort of my background, so it's kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing to do this once in a while. I mean, I worked 10 years as a toy designer before I started my career as a fashion designer. It's something I just fell into and really liked," Wu said.

Though Wu estimates that he has designed "hundreds" of dolls, he said that their clothing was not his primary focus when he first started like it was for this project.

"The biggest part of my job was designing the body and the faces, you know, working with sculptors," he said.

"I had to work out all the engineering and all of that stuff."

In addition to designing doll clothing, Wu is also working on his second color cosmetics collection with Lancôme and will show his first collection as artistic director of Hugo Boss on February 12 during New York Fashion Week.

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