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Get The Coachella Music Festival Look: Bohemian Side-Swept Hair Braid 5-Step Easy Tutorial For Medium To Long Length Hair

Apr 15, 2015 12:07 AM EDT
Side Swept Braid
(Photo : Janice McCafferty PR)

Just because Coachella is over doesn't mean you can't keep the Bohemian-chic vibe going!

The warmer weather happily ushers in the season of weekend festivals! From music to flea markets, it's time to take off the winter hats and show our crowns some much needed love!

We are suckers for a chic and creative braid. The possibilities are endless, so why not try something new? A textured fishtail braid against a backdrop of soft boho waves? Easygoing style doesn't get much better!

A recommended tool for this look is the CHI 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay Spray ($16). Apply a light mist to 90% dry or completely dry hair in desired sections prior to thermal styling for shine, hold, and protection.  

Here's how to get this look:

- Start off by creating an off-center part on your desired side, and then divide a two-inch section at the front bang area.

(Photo : Janice McCafferty PR)

- Next, begin to make a fishtail braid with the sectioned hair, leaving out the ends.

(Photo : Janice McCafferty PR)

- Then be sure to secure the braid with a clear mini elastic band. 

(Photo : Janice McCafferty PR)

- Now mist braid with CHI Style & Stay Spray for hold.

(Photo : Janice McCafferty PR)

- Finish by holding the end of the braid in one hand, all while pushing up with the other to loosen and expand. Continue this until you reach the top of the braid.

(Photo : Janice McCafferty PR)

Easy and done! In five short steps, you have a Bohemian-chic look perfect for the warmer months!

Planning on trying this one out? Let us know with a note in the comments below!

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