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Salon Manicure Kit Rules: How To Fix A Broken Nail & Cuticle Treatment Basics

Sep 30, 2015 02:43 AM EDT
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Sometimes we are so focused on the bells and whistles of nail designs, that we forget the basic requirements for a great set of nails. The pros over at MARS the Salon in West Hollywood agree. Let's get back to basics and remember what goes into a sickening set of talons in this rapid fire Q&A! 

The usual problems that come along with a manicure would have to be...

Most of the time, people cannot decide what color polish they want for their manicure or what shape they would like to try. This struggle is real!

What nail pet peeves do you always see that you think women need to fix?

Nail Polish
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Women need to be better at making sure their nails are all the same length! A lot of times women will break a nail and will not file down the other nails to make them all consistent. There are a lot of women walking around with uneven nails, when this can be easily fixed.

How often should women ideally get a manicure and why?

A manicure every two weeks is ideal! Daily activity like typing, doing dishes and cleaning can all take a huge toll on your nails, especially your cuticles. Regular manicures help with the upkeep of your nails.

What should we do when we get a chipped nail?

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First, you should apply polish remover in a circular motion, then dab the remover-soaked fingertip on the chipped nail to gently smoother it out. Once it is dry, fill any exposed nail areas with polish. Lastly, brush on a fresh coat of polish onto the entire nail to set.

Should we ever pull a hang nail?

You should never pull a hang nail. Aside from the fact that it can be very painful, it is not good for your nails or cuticles.

Any at-home remedies women should do to prep our nails before heading to the salon?

If you want to speed up the process, you can remove your nail polish at home, but other than that, sit back, relax and let us spoil you!

More rapid fire questions on how to choose the best nail shape for you to come! 

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