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National Jewelry Institute And Parsons School Of Design Launch Week-Long Jewelry Course

Oct 19, 2015 01:54 PM EDT
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Today marks the first day of a five-day jewelry course program launched in partnership with the National Jewelry Institute and Parson's School of Design in New York City. The roll-out of classes developed by the esteemed design school and the institute kicked off this morning and are set to run until this Friday. 

The program, "The Fine Art of High Jewelry and Timepieces," was created as a first step towards resuming Parson's jewelry design programs.

"The Fine Art of High Jewelry and Timepieces" was designed to inform and instruct participants on the ever-changing climate of the jewelry industry and high jewelry design. The executive dean of Parsons, Joel Towers, welcomed the exciting collaboration as a learning opportunity for those interested in entering the realm of high jewelry design, telling WWD in July, "The materials and the craftsmanship are being challenged by all sorts of issues around sustainability and labor, and really interesting value questions that are starting to redefine luxury itself."

Towers continued, stating, "Jewelry is a space that we can reenter now with the new technologies and new materials and produce really beautiful objects of high value that are also meeting the criteria of the 21st century. So it's the right time to get back into it."

The week kicked off officially last night with a cocktail event hosted at the home of Judith Price, president of the N.J.I.

WWD reports the courses' morning sessions will cover topics on timepieces and high jewelry, while afternoon classes will include off-site visits to venues like Christian Dior and the home of jewelry collector Susan Gutfreund. Instructors of the morning classes will include Yvonne Markowitz, the curator of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Pascal Ravessoud, the director of the Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie.

The courses will also play host to a range of special guests, including the president of Bulgari Corporation of America, Daniel Paltridge, and the president of Piaget, Thomas Bouillonnec. 

This also marks the second running week of the Fine Art of High Jewelry and Timepieces program, with the first set of courses debuting in Paris this past September.  

The program also follows the successful implementation of another initiative between the N.J.I. and Parsons; the launch of an awards ceremony celebrating the industry's finest high jewelry and timepieces, which debuted this past July at Couture Fashion Week.

The courses program will conclude this Friday night with a graduation ceremony that will take place at Parsons, where participants will receive a certificate of completion from Dean Towers.

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