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Halloween 2015 Costume Makeup Ideas: DIY YouTube Tutorials For Beginners We Love Part 3

Oct 20, 2015 04:30 AM EDT
(Photo : YouTube)

Halloween will soon be here, and there's no time better than now to catch up on some of the fabulous tutorials YouTube has waiting for you. If you missed our first two Halloween makeup tutorial picks, check them out in the panel to your left.

There's nothing like a killer costume that also saves you a ton of cash! With any of these looks, you can conquer simple techniques and take home the crown for best Halloween getup of the night!

The Badass. Time to get gangsta! Unleash your inner troublemaker with this clown girl-gone-bad look. Super popular YouTuber Chrisspy proves you can combine comic, criminal and makeup connoisseur into one super-scary and oh-so-sexy look for Halloween. You'll be surprised at how simple it is to re-create!

The Spooky Glow - So we know this look seems like it would be extremely complicated to do on yourself. Nope! Desi Perkins makes this tutorial so easy to follow. Plus, this look has the added bonus of glow in the dark black-light! You will not only be a super-cool, colorful skull, but you will glow all night and wow everyone!

The Sinister Seductress -  What about a smokey eye gone wrong? Only a vampy vampire can pull off this eye-popping look. And it's a Halloween no-brainer! We've all created a smoky eye by now, so watch this fun video to learn how to get eyes to pop with a spooky set of purple and red veins.

The Illusion - You won't believe how easy this really rad illusion makeup is. If you decide to get dressed up for Halloween at the very last minute, all you will need to run out and get is a little black and white acrylic paint. Bailey Van Der Veen knocks this look out in no time, and, after watching her, so will you.

 The Throwback - It's time to take it to the '80s! Remember Jem and the Holograms? Well the hit cartoon is back this year and about to make its way to the silver screen, so why not play the lead singer at your Halloween party? Angela Lanter breaks each step down, so you can take center stage.

The Emojis - So cute, so funny! We use these everyday, so why not bring a smile to everyone's face by becoming your favorite faces? Just by looking at these, you can already tell this is a beginner-friendly Halloween tutorial. Pick an emoji and go with it!

The Mermaid - Wondering how Bodmon Zaid got these incredibly accurate fish scales? You'll be amazed at the simple DIY technique she uses! Show off your makeup skills and choose this look to showcase how precise and professional you got your Halloween beauty to look. 

Which look are you favoring? Tell us with a note below!

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