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Google Launches New Shopping Insights Tool To Help Retailers

Oct 23, 2015 07:55 AM EDT
Google has launches a new tool called Shopping Insights to help stores figure out potential bestsellers
(Photo : Getty Images/Sean Gallup ) Google has launches a new tool called Shopping Insights to help stores figure out potential bestsellers

Google has just launched a new tool called Shopping Insights in beta. It works to estimate popularity and trends for products by geographic location so that retailers know which pieces to order more or less of, which prevents them from losing money and alienating customers.

Google's new platform aggregates keyword data from the millions of consumer searches and breaks it down by city 

"While 87 percent of shopping research happens online, 92 percent of goods are still sold in retail stores," Jonathan Alferness, vice president, product management at Google Shopping, wrote in a blog post on the service now in beta testing, according to WWD.

"By better understanding users' shopping intent online, retailers can make more informed local merchandising and marketing decisions for their stores," Alferness added. 

The Shopping Insights tool is available in the U.S. and it currently looks at searches on more than 5,000 products between April 2014 and September 2015.

"Shopping Insights lets retailers analyze product interest by city and [gives them] time to understand local demand," Alferness said.

According to Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, artificial intelligence could soon be able to help brands predict upcoming popular trends before they even appear in most stores.

Back in April, Google also looked back at data from six billion fashion-related queries to aggregate popular trends in the industry. The results showed what users are currently searching for, and which trends are becoming fast fads. 

At the time, Google also generated a geological breakdown of the trend data. The results showed that in Jackson, Miss. many people searched for white jumpsuits and palazzo pants in 2013, prior to the national popularity. A similar tendency occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah the same year with tulle skirts.

The company plans to start issuing fashion trend reports based on user searches twice a year. 

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