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'Jane the Virgin' Hairstyle Tutorial: How To Get Gina Rodriguez's Look [PHOTOS]

Oct 28, 2015 09:00 AM EDT
Gina Rodriguez
(Photo :

We got the behind the scenes beauty scoop on the glam that goes into CW's Jane the Virgin! We caught up with Michelle Rene Elam, department head of hair for the show. Elam decided to open her beauty vault and shared her expert styling tips for Gina Rodriguez's character, Jane, as a new mom in Season 2 of the hit series. Here's how to get Jane's style at home, courtesy of the pro herself!

Gina Rodriguez
(Photo : Instagram)

Elam described how she views Jane's persona on the show "Jane is a spirited character full of life, love, and overcoming obstacles. I keep the same energy in her hair," the stylist explained. "To get this kind flow at home, wrap strands of hair around a 1 1/4" iron using CHI 44 Iron Guard ($15) to protect and help keep long-lasting waves," she instructed.

Gina Rodriguez
(Photo : Instagram)

Elam also likes to wind the pieces of hair in the same direction for a fluid shape. "Movement jumps out as you run your fingers through while adding White Sands Orchids Oil ($20)," she recommended. "Hair needs a lot of TLC after having a baby and it tends to be last on the list. Keeping it out of the face to tend to the baby is also helpful and like Jane's baby, Mateo, he loves to grab hold of her luscious locks," Elam explained.

Gina Rodriguez
(Photo : Instagram)

The stylist says a super simple way to keep the new mother's hair happy is to spray some leave-in conditioner like 7 Seconds or a dab of CHI Silk Infusion ($25). "Whip it into a cute French braid or side braid, wrap the braid with a ribbon or fun leather shoe lace, and let life bring it on," she said. 

Gina Rodriguez
(Photo : Instagram)

Then, to finish the look, end the evening by letting it loose for some soft, pretty, hydrated waves. Ready to try it?

Catch Season 2 of Jane the Virgin on the CW, Mondays on at 9/8 CST. 

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