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Beauty Trends 2016: New Waxing & Hair Removal Techniques For Men & Women

Dec 14, 2015 09:00 AM EST
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While there are always routine things that people engage in when it comes to striving for beauty, there are also new trends that emerge each year. "The new trends in beauty are exciting, as well as fun," explained Katherine Goldman, celebrity esthetician/waxologist and owner of the Stript Wax Bar. "We always look forward to seeing these new beauty trends emerge. They help keep people looking and feeling their best." Here are 5 hot beauty trends for 2016 when it comes to waxing.

The Vajacial. This is a new service where women are getting a facial for their vagina. "This is done between waxing treatments, and keeps the skin soft, smooth, and helps prevent ingrown hairs and acne," Goldman told us. "This service keeps the 'glow' going all year long, rather than just after getting wax treatments," she said.

Bikini Line
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The Vajazzle. Everyone loves a little bling today, and this is no different. With the vajazzle, women are adding some "bling" to their vaginal area. "They can have a special design, think butterfly, to their waxed pubic area. There are plenty of options to choose from, giving ladies a way to add a little of their personality down there," she added.

Tanning it. "As the saying goes, if you can't tone it, then tan it," Goldman said candidly. The pro says opting for a spray tan will be the 2016 trend. "This service is safe, simple, cost effective, and provides great results, helping people to look great all year long," Kathy told us.

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The Bro-zilian. This is the male version of the women's Brazilian wax job. Created by Goldman, men are lining up to follow the "Magic Mike" trend of taking it all off down there.

Sexy brows. The eyes have it all, and with the right brow, people will have a smoking hot look all year round. This year, Kathy says the trend will be in having sexy eyebrows, waxed to artistic perfection.

Eyebrow Threading
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Goldman says once you wax, you'll never go back. "People are always intrigued by these services when they hear about them, then they try them and fall in love," she explained "The more you can do to help make yourself feel and look as sexy as you want to be, is always a good trend," 

Planning on trying out any of these trends? Tell us with a note below!

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