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Artists & Fleas To Host Holiday Pop-Up Shop At Ace Hotel In NYC

Dec 16, 2015 09:38 AM EST
Artists & Fleas
(Photo : Courtesy/Artists & Fleas)

Artists & Fleas, a marketplace for indie fashion, art and design that launched more than a decade ago in Williamsburg, is coming to the Ace Hotel this weekend.

On Dec. 19 from noon to 8 p.m., Artists & Fleas will host a holiday pop-up shop at The Breslin, which is located in Ace Hotel's Liberty Hall.

(Photo : Courtesy/Artists & Fleas)

This one-day-only market will feature 26 of the best artists, designers and vintage collectors from Artists & Fleas' Brooklyn, Chelsea and L.A. markets. Some participating vendors include Adina Mills, Aliens of Brooklyn, Irina Vintage, Jordyn Jacobs, Maloca and Teysha.

"We look for artists and designers that have a point of view and make something unique. In the case of our vintage vendors, we look for merchants that have a specific collection (era, style, etc). We want to have a variety of artists and designers so that when people come to shop, there is something for everyone. While we curate, we also want to leave it to the shoppers to respond to different styles. It is not about having a market filled with merchants who have products that I like, it is about having a diverse and interesting [offering] and new products for people to discover," Abrams previously told us of what she looks for in potential vendors.

The first 100 guests to arrive on Saturday will receive The Breslin's expertly mixed Sweater Weather cocktail, as well as a complimentary Artists & Fleas tote bag. Select bags will contain golden tickets worth up to $150 to be used at the pop-up that day. The pop-up will also feature live DJ sets by DJ Turmix, DJ Brother Daniel, DJ Alf Alpha and DJ Kevin Anthony. 

Amy Abrams and Ronen Glimer, the husband-and-wife team behind Artists & Fleas, said the highly successful shopping destination was born out of their love of shopping and personal connections to talented, emerging designers.

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