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Fitness Trend Tips 2016: How to Exercise in a Waist Cincher Trainer Like A Kardashian

Jan 20, 2016 09:11 PM EST
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Wanna slim down like a Kardashian? Who doesn't want to look their best for the New Year? 2016 has started and the trend of wearing waist trainers has helped ring things in. And with some of the most influential pop culture divas rocking this inch-killer, we can't blame you for wanting to try one on for size.

From Kim to Kourtney to Khloe and Kylie, the Kardashian sisters all swear by waist trainers to help maintain their figures. We're sure you've seen the svelte selfies each social media queen has posted over the last few months.

Ready to add a waist trainer to your gym bag? We hear ya. "Adding a gym waist trainer to you workouts could be just the thing you need to amp up your intensity in the New Year," explained fitness personality and founder of, Bianca Jade.

Kylie Jenner
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To start 2016 off right, has teamed up with Bianca, to create 6 quick exercise videos to engage and strengthen the core. A new video will be released each week via, offering workouts and fitness tips to stay motivated.

Jade has her personal favorites she recommends beginners try to get into this fitness trend. "Garments like the Amia Active Band ($60) are specifically designed to increase thermal activity in your core, ramping up perspiration so you work up a harder sweat," she explained.


Waist Trainer Exercise
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How to do a Bridge Pose/Hip Thrust with a Waist Trainer

In this exercise, Bianca says your waist trainer helps you maintain good form and boosts perspiration in your core.

- First, lie on your back with your knees bent and arms at your sides.

- Now, push down into your heels and lift your hips up.

- Complete 4 sets of 25 to target the back, abdomen and chest.

Feeling the burn? "Notice how the waist trainer helps your back stay flat? This helps engage your core and your glutes," Jade explained. "Even better, it makes you sweat more around your midsection. So you're getting more from your workout with less effort," the fitness pro pointed out.

More tips on how to use a waist trainer in the gym to come this week.

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