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Luke Edward Hall Talks Personal Style And Travel Essentials On This Week's Identities [Exclusive Interview]

Jan 28, 2016 03:59 PM EST
Luke Edward Hall
(Photo : Courtesy of Luke Edward Hall )

London-based interior designer, stylist and artist Luke Edward Hall is one to watch out for.  

Luke has quickly become one of today's leading design influencers. The young creative graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2012 where he studied menswear fashion design. His impressive resume includes working for interior designer Ben Pentreath, running an online antique shop, producing his own collection of housewares and fabrics, as well as drawing and painting for exclusive projects. 

In 2014, Luke opened his own studio where he finds joy in working within many facets of design including art, interior design and styling. 

Scroll down for our exclusive interview with Luke where he shares his favorite item in his wardrobe, his ideal vacation destination and his best career advice. Don't miss out on shopping from his collection here!


MB: First thing in the morning, you...?

LEH: Have a bath. Our bath is Victorian and takes half an hour to run, so I go back to sleep until it's ready.

MB: You never leave the house without...?

LEH: A sketchbook and pencils. 


(Photo : Courtesy of Luke Edward Hall - PPS2 / A recently illustration for the Parker Palm Springs hotel, Palm Springs.)


MB: Personal style signifier? 

LEH: My round tortoiseshell glasses from French label Anne et Valentin

MB: Favorite item in your closet?

LEH: A beautiful vintage Harris Tweed jacket from the '30s — it fits perfectly. 

MB: Favorite room in your home?

LEH: Our bathroom — the colorful Arts and Crafts wallpaper is a joy to live with.

(Photo : Courtesy of Luke Edward Hall - Greek Key / A new fabric design launching called Greek Key.)


MB: Every home should have _________?

LEH: A well-stocked bar.

MB: Ideal vacation spot?

LEH: Always Italy. 

MB: Travel essentials?

LEH: More sketchbooks.

(Photo : Courtesy of Luke Edward Hall - The Sailor)


MB: Favorite quote?

LEH: "I have a good mind not to take Aloysius to Venice. I don't want him to meet a lot of horrid Italian bears and pick up bad habits."

MB: Latest music obsession?

LEH: Julia Hotler's recent album "Have You In My Wildnerness."

MB: Idol? 

LEH: Ludwig II of Bavaria.

(Photo : Courtesy of Luke Edward Hall - Kent, Interior design project in a country house in Kent)


MB: Current trend?

LEH: I don't really do trends.

MB: Career advice?

LEH: Work hard and be nice to people.

MB: Design is...

LEH: Useful and/or beautiful.

MB: Dream job as a child?

LEH: Wizard or gardener. 

(Photo : Courtesy of Luke Edward Hall - Two Olives, Please - A recent painting)


MB: Book you would read religiously? 

LEH: Edward St Aubyn's "The Patrick Melrose Novels."

MB: Recent self-discovery?

LEH: I definitely must not eat peanuts.

MB: Men should always...

LEH: Wear good shoes.

MB: Women should never...

LEH: Never say never!

(Photo : Courtesy of Luke Edward Hall - Prawn, Illustrated plate)


MB: Most proud moment so far?

LEH: A wonderful article about my work.

MB: Guilty pleasure? 

LEH: I don't believe in those.

MB: If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? 

LEH: Wes Anderson.

MB: You would tell your younger self...?

LEH: It's totally acceptable to not want to go to nightclubs.

MB: Favorite thing about yourself?

LEH: I can always locate a good restaurant, wherever I am — it's like a sixth sense.

(Photo : Courtesy of Luke Edward Hall - White Tiger, Cushion design)


MB: Most adventurous thing you've done? 

LEH: Setting up my own business in my mid-twenties.

MB: Something you couldn't live without?

LEH: Good food.

MB: Recently inspired by?

LEH: The excellent Calder show at Tate Modern.

MB: There is too much...?

LEH: Boring, bland design. I'm all about color and fun.

MB: Happiness is?

LEH: The countryside.

MB: The future is...?

LEH: Looking pretty good, I hope!

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