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Frameri Responds To Customer Feedback And Releases Four New Frame Colors

Feb 04, 2016 11:00 AM EST
(Photo : Courtesy of Frameri ) "Rye" frames.

Today, eyewear brand Frameri has launched four new colors of frames to add to its growing collection of interchangeable frames and lenses. 

The innovative start-up that pioneered stylish interchangeable lenses and frames is adding on to its collection by way of customer demand.

Frameri is debuting four new colorways, "Honeycomb," "Lakefront," Huckleberry" and "Rye," for its most popular existing collections, including the Prose, Tidal and Aerial styles. Each of the frames will retail for $99. 

Frameri co-founder and CEO Konrad Billetz revealed that the new colors were created in response to customers' feedback.

(Photo : Courtesy of Frameri )
"Honeycomb" frames.

"For us, we're so big on customer feedback that any time we bring in more colors or introduce a new frame, it's all decided based upon what our customers want," Billetz told us. "This is our first color launch where the majority of it is based on customer feedback." 

"It was partly working with what they wanted and working with our acetate manufacturers to come out with some cool colors that most people don't carry. We tend to use bolder colors and, I would say, more fun tones and hues," Billetz said.

The new frames are compatible with any of Frameri's existing lenses, including its exclusive collection for EnChroma's color corrective lenses.

The new collection of frames follows other news: the recent opening of Frameri's first showroom. 

(Photo : Courtesy of Frameri )
"Lakefront" frames.

For Billetz, customer feedback and satisfaction is paramount, and this new collection of frame colors is just the beginning. The CEO is preparing for new collection releases and encourages shoppers to build a versatile eyewear collection.

"Because we're building a product that really encourages customers to purchase multiple pieces to build a wardrobe of frames, it becomes important that you're creating pieces that you're sure they're really going to like," Billetz told us. 

(Photo : Courtesy of Frameri )
"Huckleberry" frames.

Shop the new collection of Spring Tone 2016 frames here.

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