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Backstage at New York Fashion Week: Georgine Ratelband Discusses GEORGINE Fall 2014 Runway Show, Inspiration, More

Feb 10, 2014 11:26 AM EST
(Photo : Britteny Dee)

City: New York City

Designer: GEORGINE

Season: Fall 2014

Vibe: Georgine Ratelband's fall 2014 runway show for her eponymous label, GEORGINE, was a particularly important moment for the young designer. Ratelband hosted her debut New York Fashion Week show on Sunday night at the Pavilion at Lincoln Center.

"Excited," the designer told us during a backstage interview when asked how she felt now that her first-ever New York Fashion Week runway show was over.

"I can't wait for the after party."

The show begin in absolute darkness with the glow of just a few iPhones - ready to snap pictures of the clothing - illuminated the large room. Then came the upbeat electronic music by Michael Magnan, which set the tone for the energetic collection.

Inspired by Shakespeare's "Hamlet," Ratelband's fall offering featured a slew of elegant looks in rich colors, such as raspberry, aqua, aubergine, forest green, teal and midnight blue.

Of the 28 looks she showed, Ratelband said the opener - a cashmere-wool overcoat with shimmery lambskin leather lining worn over a stretch-leather dress with diagonal raspberry stripes - is her favorite. Another looked that featured a pink and black cashmere-wool coat is a close second, the designer added.

Overall, Ratelband said she considers her debut show a success (and we definitely agree!).

"I have to go home and look at the video probably a million times, but I'm very happy with everybody that helped me, and it was amazing to see this come together. It was incredible," she told us with a smile.

Key Items: Stretch-leather leggings, asymmetrical skirts, stretch-leather dresses, wool overcoats, cashmere-wool dresses, leather tops, floral-print pants, knit and silk turtlenecks, a long-sleeved, jersey dress

Details: Leather motorcycle gloves, classic GEORGINE Stingray bags, felt-fur hats, guipure lace, fur cuffs and collars, floral detailing and applique, hardware detailing, leather sleeves, neoprene, sheer, cashmere

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