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NYFW FW 16: Nika Tang

Feb 14, 2016 03:34 AM EST
Nika Tang
(Pawat Napathorn)

Nika Tang transported guests to the abandoned sands of a style unchained by drawing inspiration from Western fashion and emulating the details of natural desert undergrowth.

(Photo : Pawat Napathorn)

The Vibe:

With an entire wall of reflected desert scenery, Nika Tang took attendees out of the hustle of the city and into a contemporary cowboy wasteland inspired by Sukiyaki Desert Django

Key Pieces:

Multi-layer ensembles were at the forefront. Oversized trench coats with fur and button accents in rich, earthy base tones; strong leather and felt jackets layered atop billowed sleeves and elongated hemlines in classic cottons; belled trousers in both full and cropped lengths alongside massive fur and snakeskin coats.

The designer wanted to create a collection with a delicate but bold mix of prints and textures. Combinations of snakeskin and splashes of turquoise were cultivated as an abstract interpretation of the animated film "Rango." Pops of unexpected rich burgundy and soft lilac entered the collection as a nod to architect Luis Barragan. Earthy neutrals balanced the intersections of vivid color-bursts to present onlookers with the feeling of warmth.

(Photo : Pawat Napathorn)



Structured leather handbags with unique contours, texahedron forms and handles mimicking brass knuckles.

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