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New 'Made In NY' Initiatives Prove Successful, Show Growth One Year After Unveil

Feb 19, 2016 11:05 AM EST
A local manufacturer at Brooklyn's 'Industry City'
(Photo : Getty Images/Spencer Platt ) A local manufacturer at Brooklyn's 'Industry City'

Global fashion capital New York recently launched a series of "Made in NY" initiatives to increase the city's fashion manufacturing. 

"We're in a really interesting moment in time," Deputy New York City Mayor Alicia Glen told WWD. "If the city can support a more modern manufacturing ecosystem, whether it's clothing or furniture or 3-D printing, then it can really give New York the ability to get deeper into the convergence of technology and manufacturing and the focus on local production and artisanship."

"There's probably no stronger brand in the marketplace right now than Made in New York, unless it's Made in Brooklyn," Glen added. 

He also spoke about a slew of new Made in NY fashion initiatives that launched last year and have since tripled the city's overall investment in the local fashion economy to $15 million.

According to WWD, Made in NY has connected emerging businesses with over 75 industry mentors, and exposed over 150 local fashion brands to an estimated 650 million people over the past year. 

"People in New York always think about fashion either in a nostalgic way or in a glamorous way, but when you peel away the onion, it's really a fundamental part of our economy," Glen said. "We have almost 1,000 fashion companies here and almost 200,000 people work in this industry ... When I see an industry that has $11 billion in wages, that results in $2 billion in tax revenue, that's an industry that not only needs attention, but at the end of the day it's impacting our bottom line."

Additionally, The Council of Fashion Designers of America has recently partnered with global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group to reevaluate the traditional structure of NYFW — which currently takes place in February and September annually and showcases designer collections six months in advance for industry insiders.

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