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5 Tech Products To Buy With Your Tax Refund

Mar 02, 2016 11:40 AM EST
5 Tech Products
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Tax season ... it's here again. And, as you know, with paying taxes comes tax returns! So why not splurge (a little) and treat yourself for all the hardwork you've put in over the last year? 

We're sharing 5 unordinary tech products you should buy that will enhance your physical, mental and/or emotional well-being. Scroll down for our design editor's latest Top 5 picks!


1. Limited Edition Spiegel Sewing Machine

This limited edition Spiegel sewing machine directly syncs to your smartphone or tablet. Consumers are able to utilize the design's Stitch Camera by purchasing the app in iTunes, Android marketplace or Amazon for Kindle, along with selecting from the brand's several stitch bundle offerings. It is the perfect machine for sewing beginners; the platform provides video tutorials to learn basic stitching techniques and provides tips from a virtual instructor. The Stitch Camera allows you to take photos and record videos of your progress, therefore making it easy for you to share your new talent on all social media channels. 

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2. Xcooter

Your new alternative to transporation, the Xcooter, is a stylish, accessible and foldable electric scooter that is bound to make future commuting more enjoyable. Its compact design and rideable technology makes the Xcooter a desirable investment for city dwellers -- just don't ride without a helmet!


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3. Stikbox Smartphone Case

To capture those selfie moments more easily, the Stikbox smartphone case is today's most clever tech accessory. Its multipurpose design features a built-in selfie stick that extends and collapses in a matter of seconds. The case actually protects your smartphone while alternating as an accessible accessory to meet the necessary needs of your picture-taking habits. "Why carry two things, when you can carry one?" expressed Stikbox founder and CEO Yekutiel Sherman.  


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4. Here Active Listening

Doppler Labs recently launched the first in-ear audio system with two wireless buds and a smartphone app, allowing users to easily control and personalize their sound-filled environments. Here buds, or the ear's computer, is designed to enhance live music experiences, push sound boundaries and offer consumers complete control to hear exactly what they want to at any given time. No longer should you stress over loud, unwanted environments when you're desiring peace -- or vice versa. With Here bud technology, your listening capabilities can be entirely altered by you.

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5. Marathon Laundry Machine

Yes, every city inhabitant should purchase this laundry machine. Its revolutionary design makes this appliance an essential for small space inhabitants. The Marathon Laundry machine features state-of-the-art technology with real-time communication, cloud solutions and hardware capabilities, and operates as a washer and a dryer. Everyone deals with dirty laundry, and this new machine makes the little annoyances of that task much less so.


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