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5 Must-See NYC Art Exhibitions At Galerie Richard, Richard Taittinger, Denny Gallery And More

Mar 11, 2016 04:27 PM EST
Top 5 Art Galleries - March 11
(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)

1. "I'll Meet You There x William Bradley @ Galerie Richard

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Galerie Richard presents its second exhibition of work by the British artist William Bradley. "I'll Meet You There" features ten large colorful paintings inspired by the vibrancy of Los Angeles. 

Bradley begins work with small abstracts in watercolor which are scanned into the computer and then gradually transformed by the manipulation of saturation and contrast. These resolved designs are then meticulously repainted in oil on canvas. Many define his method as "abstract art about abstract art," by purposefully challenging traditional painting and the process involved. 

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


The paintings are full of energetic colorways including shades of blue, green, pink, purple, red, orange and yellow. The exhibition will run through March 31. The gallery is located at 121 Orchard St. 


2. "Rapaciously Yours" x Frances Goodman @ Richard Taittinger

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Richard Taittinger Gallery presents the first major solo exhibition of works by Frances Goodman. The South African artist explores the emotions surrounding a woman's pursuit to be seen as desirable, confident and powerful in "Rapaciously Yours." 

The collection of work involves large sculptural designs which feature specific materials often associated with females, and through these, Goodman examines how self-ornamentation can serve as a source of empowerment for women. 

A large installation, "The Dream," is constructed of once-worn wedding dresses and fabrics that have been embellished with pearls, necklaces and earrings. the work also includes transcribes of several women's feelings about marriage. There is also a recording that plays conversations of women sharing their feelings of loss, satisfaction, desire, sexual power and ambition. 

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


"Rapaciously Yours" will run through April 17. The Richard Taittinger Gallery is located at 154 Ludlow St. on the Lower East Side. 


3. "Yesterday So Fast" x Lauren Seiden @ Denny Gallery

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Denny Gallery presents "Yesterday So Fast," a solo exhibition featuring sculptural works by Lauren Seiden. The collection of pieces evokes an environment of suspended time, highlighting movements such as falling, collapsing and crunching, through the manipulation of unique materials. 

Seiden executes this effect by applying layers of graphic to a variety of surfaces, including steel mesh, thread, marble and water. She aims to illustrate a specific idea -- "yesterday's pressing present already weighed down by the momentum of tomorrow."


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


"Yesterday So Fast" will run through April 3. Denny Gallery is located at 261 Broome St. on the Lower East Side. 

4. "Life is Elsewhere" x Carl Boutard @ Turn Gallery

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Turn Gallery presents "Life is Elsewhere" featuring a series of sculptural works created by the artist Carl Boutard. The exhibition includes large molecular shaped objects that feel other-worldly, imaginably works meant for outerspace. 

Each of the sculptures are comprised of coconut milk boxes that the artist found in a recycling bin outside his studio. 

"Life is Elsewhere" will run through April 10. Turn Gallery is located at 37 E 1st St. in the East Village.


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


5. "Beyond The Gaze: Women Painting Women" @ Garis & Hahn Gallery

Garis & Hahn Gallery presents "Beyond The Gaze: Women Painting Women," which features an all-female paintings from artists Sarah Awad, Tatiana Berg, Sarah Faux and Jay Miriam. 


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)

The four painters reimagine the female body through bold, abstract nude paintings. The exhibition represents the unique perspective of four women who showcase a stylized approach to painting unlike traditional nude paintings completed by male artists. 

"Beyond The Gaze: Women Painting Women" will run through April 17. Garis & Hahn gallery is located at 263 Bowery. 


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)

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