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Architectural Digest Design Show 2016, Top 12 MADE Exhibitors

Mar 21, 2016 04:05 PM EDT
(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca / Aelfie Booth @ Ad Design Show '16)

March 17 kicked off this year's Architectural Digest Design Show at Pier 92 and 94. The New York City design trade fair features over 400 international studios specializing in original art, fine furniture, sculpture, textiles, lighting, decorative accessories, outdoor collections, and luxury appliances. 

MADE is a specially curated section of the show, comprised of over 150 artists and designers exhibiting one-of-a-kind art, decorative objects, contemporary furniture, textiles and lighting designs. Products are all available for purchase and studios are able to take custom orders. 

Scroll down to discover our design editor's Top 12 favorite MADE exhibitors at this year's AD Design Show. 

1. EAE


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Erickson Aesthetics (EAE) is a Brooklyn-based furniture design studio. Founded in 2003 by Ben Erickson, the brand produces furniture that focuses on experimental design and unique materials. The EAE collection combines fine art, exuberance and functionality to create statement furniture and interior objects. 


2. Kim Markel

(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Kim Markel is known for creating a collection of furniture and objects entirely comprised of recycled plastic and resin. Markel's designs are handmade in her studio based in Beacon, N.Y. Her offerings include glow vases, chairs, tables, mirrors and hand mirrors that are produced in an array of inspiring bright hues. 

3. Eric Trine Studio


(Photo : Courtesy of Eric Trine Studio - Rod + Weave Chair)



Eric Trine Studio was founded by designer and commercial artist Eric Trine. The Long Beach, California-based brand designs furniture and lifestyle products for residential homes and small-scale commercial projects. Eric Trine embraces an authentic California style by combining a modern aesthetic approach with the use of spontaneous materials.

4. Spadone


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Spadone is a Portland, Maine-based design studio founded by artist and designer Miles Spadone. Spadone offers decorative objects that combine prototyping and technical concepts which primarily result in products comprised of clay, gypsum and wood. 

5. Alex Drew & No One


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


The Brooklyn and Detroit-based design studio was founded by Alex Rosenhaus and Drew Arrison. The brand offers modern furniture and objects with special focus on material, function and traditional craftsmanship. We were particularly drawn to this statement black top and gold gilded steel dining table. 


6. Chris Earl


(Photo : Courtesy of Chris Earl - Sable Collection)



Chris Earl designs furniture inspired by his Papua New Guinea roots. His collection is made from elements within our natural environment, and he designs pieces that are not only beautiful and functional but timeless and of the highest quality. 


7. Luke Lamp Co.


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Luke Lamp Co. began in 2011 after founder Luke Kelly stumbled upon old industrial light fixtures in an abandoned facility. He then rewired the fixtures and sold them on Etsy and unexpectedly sold out in just a few days. Kelly decided to start his own light design business, and, today, his clients include big companies like Twitter and Urban Outfitters, along with clients spanning 30 countries.


8. Bower

(Photo : Courtesy of Bower )



Bower is a New York City-based contemporary design studio founded by Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi. Since 2013, the design duo has experimented in creating bold furniture, lighting and lifestyle accessories for the modern consumer. 

9. Aelfie


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Aelfie is a boutique label that designs contemporary home goods using Old World techniques. Inspired by antique textiles, fashion and decorative arts, Aelfie offers an assortment of handmade rugs and decorative objects. The Brooklyn-based design studio was founded by Aelfie Oudghiri, who embraces a signature aesthetic of bold patterns and color. 




(Photo : Courtesy of (wh)ORE HAüS)


L.A.-based furniture and design studio (wh)ORE HAüS was founded in 2012. The brand fuses a feminine yet provocative aesthetic to produce bespoke pieces for residential and commercial projects. The collection of interior products represent power, resulting in refined and edgy designs comprised of various materials. We are fans of the new "Restraint Collection," featuring designs made of blackened steel, calacatta gold marble and leather. 


11. Samantha Sandbrook


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Samantha Sandbrook is an artist and designer specializing in painting, sculpture and interior decoration. Based in Toronto, Sandbrook designs for residential and commercial projects and offers customizable options for her clients. We were particularly drawn to her Rondelle, Sundisk and Porthole collections which feature a series of unique sculptural objects made of acrylic, brass and wood. 


12. Fort Makers


(Photo : Fashion Times - Meg Busacca)


Fort Makers is an artist collective inspired by Bauhaus. The brand creates functional and interactive art through large-scale public installations, fashion products and home goods. Creative Director and co-founder Nana Spears curates and produces all of the unique partnerships for the brand. The latest collaboration features artist Naomi Clark, who developed a collection of hand-painted furniture, upholstery, scarves, dresses, lamp shades and pillows. 


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