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Earth Day 2016: Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Products To Shop Year-Round

Apr 22, 2016 01:00 PM EDT
Earth Day Accessories
(Photo : Fashion Times)

Today is Earth Day and now, more than ever, it is important to be reminded to do our part as conscious shoppers to ensure a healthy, thriving planet.

While eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices are key to remember year-round, socially responsible and ethically made product are just as important to keep in mind when making responsible purchasing decisions.

In honor of Earth Day, we rounded up seven accessory and beauty items that make a strong case for ethical, sustainable and socially responsible buying, year-round.



Earth Day Accessories
(Photo : Courtesy of Bourgeois Boheme )


Bourgeois Boheme is a UK-based footwear brand that excels in creating eco-friendly, 100-percent vegan luxury shoes. This pair of ethically produced, PVC-free Ellen Stone derby shoes are stylish and completely guilt-free. 



Earth Day Accessories

(Photo : Courtesy of TOMS)


Socially conscious shopping should extend beyond eco-friendly product. For every bag purchased from TOMS' One for One line, the brand donates the funds and resources necessary to provide one safe birth for an expecting mother in need.  



Earth Day Accessories
(Photo : Courtesy of Eufora )


These products from Eufora are eco-friendly and fair trade and are made with certified organic aloe (this Frizz Control Finishing Spray contains vitamin-rich Brazil Nut Oil). Eufora also practices ecologically correct harvesting methods to create its products.


Earth Day Accessories

(Photo : Courtesy of The Brave Collection)
Turquoise Mix "Without Limits" cobra bracelet.


This bracelet from The Brave Collection is made by artisans in Cambodia using local materials. A portion of profits are donated to help fight human trafficking in Cambodia.


Earth Day Accessories
(Photo : Courtesy of Awear )


Awear's eyewear is made of sustainable, recyclable materials. The lenses on these sunglasses are designed with a bio-based plastic and the pieces are hand-assembled to cut down on energy waste. Even Awear's cases can be recycled. 


Earth Day
(Photo : Courtesy of Indelust )


Indelust is a socially responsible, ethical fashion and home goods shopping destination that partners with artisan groups and local designers in India to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. This particular bag was made by Indelust's label Urmi which enables rural women to acquire the necessary skills needed to earn an income. The woven bags are made from recycled plastics. 



Earth Day Accessories
(Photo : Courtesy of AHAVA)


AHAVA products are made with rejuvenating minerals from the Dead Sea, like this Mineral Body Lotion. The skincare company implements a Waste Water Return Process that returns purified water back to the environment after it has been used to create the products. 


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