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You're Doing It Wrong: Bad Skin Care Habits & Why They're Aging You

Jun 21, 2016 08:43 PM EDT
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Chances are that you are doing all you can to maintain youthful-looking skin. You may be diligent about wearing sunscreen daily, using an anti-aging product and applying moisturizer. But there are a few mistakes that many women often make, not realizing that they are sabotaging their skin and causing wrinkles.

Our friend, Dr. Kally Papantoniou a board certified New York dermatologist asked us if we made of any of these beauty errors and we couldn't believe how many innocent mistakes we were totally guilty of! See if any of these skin dont's are making it into your skin care routine (accidentally of course). 

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Substituting sunscreen for a moisturizer. While it's great that you have made sunscreen part of your daily routine, remember that it doesn't provide the same benefits as your moisturizer. Dr. Papantoniou stresses that, "Not all sunscreens hydrate, and some may even add oil or dry out your skin. Apply both moisturizer and sunscreen for days you're out in the sun, or use a moisturizer with SPF for daily use," the expert explained.

Skipping out after you shower. Many people skip moisturizing their body after showering. This is a big no-no! As we age, elbows and knees become dryer and skin begins to sag. A body moisturizer applied daily will lock in moisture for softer, more supple and radiant skin.

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Remember, the precious moments right after you bathe are the best time to lather on the hydration. This is when your pores are most open to receive and lock in the nourishment.

Bathing in hot water. A steamy shower or soak in the hot tub may be great for sore muscles, but studies show it's bad for your skin! That's because hot water breaks down skin elasticity and causes premature wrinkling and sagging. When bathing, keep the water warm rather than piping hot and save the jacuzzi soaks for special occasions.

More mistakes to add to this surprising skin care sabotaging list, coming soon!

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