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Steven Alan And Eponym Open New Steven Alan Optical Store In Nolita

Jun 30, 2016 11:10 AM EDT
Steven Alan Optical Store Opening
(Photo : Courtesy Photo)

On June 22,  Eponym, an open online platform that allows brands to design and distribute eyewear through their own stores and sites, helped to open a new store location in Nolita for Steven Alan Optical.

Eponym, which launched in 2010, licenses the eyewear for the inimitable Steven Alan brand (along with the eyewear for Alice + Olivia and Jason Wu). In fact, the e-commerce-focused eyewear company was responsible for launching Steven Alan Optical and its string of brick-and-mortar stores.

The newly opened Steven Optical store is nestled in Manhattan's Nolita area on Elizabeth Street, conveniently right across the way from a Steven Alan store.

"Nolita is an incredibly diverse part of New York that attracts customers from all over the world, as well as locals," Eponym's CEO Andrew Lipovsky told Fashion Times. "We love the exposure that Steven Alan Optical eyeglasses get when the store has three customers from Sweden come to purchase glasses followed by a family from Brooklyn or just a few blocks away." 

Steven Alan Optical Store Opening

(Photo : Courtesy Photo)
(On left in blue) Eponym CEO Andrew Lipovsky and designer Steven Alan (far right) at the opening party for the new Steven Alan Optical store in Nolita.

Eponym works collaboratively with its brands to assist with and manage the eyewear production, e-commerce and customer service, all to ensure a fluid, end-to-end customer experience. The company has worked with designer Steven Alan to create timeless pieces for Steven Alan Optical using only premium materials, from durable Italian acetate to Barberini mineral glass lenses.

"Eponym has a collaborative approach to the design process that is novel in the licensing space," Steven Alan told Fashion Times.  "They work closely to bring our effortless and timelessness out in the frames."

The e-commerce company has helped Steven Alan Optical roll out exciting new styles, including aviator-inspired, Light Crystal Smoke optical frames and limited-edition, ultra-durable sunglasses.

"The new collection [that is in stores now] introduces new materials to our signature styles," Alan explained. "For the summer we created a limited edition pair of the Bryce Sunglasses featuring mineral glass lenses from Silvi, Italy."


Be sure to stop by the new Steven Alan Optical store at 235 Elizabeth St. in Manhattan, and shop the latest styles online.

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