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Are Your Ears Showing Your Age? How To Stop Your Lobes From Drooping

Jun 28, 2016 11:20 PM EDT
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You may not have even given them much thought, but our ears do in fact change shape and appear to enlarge as we age. Yes, we have given you something else to worry about. Sorry, not sorry! You need to know this! Our ears droop as the skin, fat and muscle relax over time. "Bone recedes with time, so there's less foundation to hold the skin and cartilage up," explained board certified N.Y.C. Dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou. "Plus, loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin causes sagging." So if you've been hanging major bling from your ears, keep reading.

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Over years of sun exposure and loss of collagen and elasticity (not to mention heavy earrings), our lobes can become wrinkled and thinned out. "What this does is weaken the piercing itself so that earrings are not held firmly in the ear and can sag down. The support is also not there so the ear looks shriveled," she said. If you notice sagging, Dr. Papantiniou says hyaluronic acid fillers, such as restylane, juvederm or belotero can improve the skin with hardly any down time. But how do you know if you're lobes are starting to show their age? Take the test below.

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Testing for Ear Lobe Droop

One of the most challenging styles of earring a person can wear is the circular button earring. It's half an inch in size and has a post in the middle.

- Put it on with a normal sized gold backing. Most likely that earring will, little by little, tip forward until it's pointing to the pavement.

- This is not only a very unattractive look, but it is hard on your ear-pierced area.

- The tricky thing about testing is that at first it looks great, but as the day wears on and you use your phone and do activities, the earring starts to droop or sag.

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Important tips to prevent ear lobe sagging

- Never sleep with earrings! Even if this does not feel uncomfortable, it could mean 8 hours of an ear being tugged by the earring against a pillow.

- Don't wear heavy earrings routinely. Save this for an important event or limit the amount of time you wear them to few hours.

- Don't forget your sunscreen! 

- Consider applying some of your retinol cream to the lower part of the ear when you apply to your face.

- If you have an overgrown scar on the ear, this may be a keloid and it can be treated with either injections or surgical removal (see your dermatologist).

Suffer from this unfortunate earring aftermath? Tell us with a note below!

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