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Jul 20, 2017 Last Updated: 15:44 PM EDT

Designers & Agents, NYCEDC Name Made In NY Collective Winners

Jun 30, 2016 09:00 AM EDT
(Photo : Courtesy/Designers & Agents)

Designers & Agents and New York City's Economic Development Corporation announced on Thursday the winners of the first-ever Made in NY Collective, an initiative that aims to bolster NYC's pipeline of creative talent.

The 12 winning brands — Alasdair, Christine Alcalay, Dan-yell, Elise Ballegeer, Kordal, Nikki Chasin, NOORISM, Off Season, Sabre Jewelry, SamChurch, William Okpo and Xiao Wang Jewelry — will receive a fully subsidized exhibition space at D&A's Spring 2017 market week show taking place September 17-19. Winners will also get to participate in individual and group workshops leading up to the show that will provide them with the invaluable opportunity to gain exposure to leading retailers.

"The Made in NY Collective will provide a wonderful opportunity to the NYC-based design community supported by this initiative. The result is a win-win; the selected brands will gain exposure to D&A's leading retail audience, and buyers will be introduced to a fresh crop of talented designers, many of which have not previously had the resources to exhibit in a tradeshow," Ed Mandelbaum, Designers & Agents co-founder, said in a press release.

"The Made in NY Collective, as with many of our initiatives, is about providing opportunities to New Yorkers. It is our hope that these dynamic, talented designers will emerge as leaders in the fashion industry, growing our economy and adding to the vibrancy of this great city," NYCEDC president Maria-Torres-Springer added.

In order to be considered for this competition, brands must be based in and produce their collections in New York.

"The screening committee took into consideration the key attributes of each brand, focusing on originality, quality and marketability. The ultimate goal was to build a balanced group of both experiences and novice designers, casual and sophisticated collections that reflect the wide range of NY-based design talent," said Meryl Mandelbaum, Designers & Agents managing director.

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