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Decorating Tips For Small Living Spaces: 10 Stylish Decor Ideas

Sep 06, 2016 11:00 AM EDT
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If you are an inhabitant of a large metropolitan city, such as New York, the likelihood is that you live in an apartment, loft or studio. Small living quarters can seem daunting or restricting when it comes to creating a desirable living environment, however, limited square footage should not deter one from achieving their dream home. 

We are sharing 10 essential decorating tips that will enhance your living space regardless of its size. Discover a few of her tricks to making your home feel larger and where you can purchase some of today's most stylish interior products!


1. Embrace Color For The Floor

In any interior, your eye should always be traveling. Give yourself and your guests something exciting to look at when observing your space from the bottom to the top and go bold with color when it comes to choosing a floor textile. 


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Chevron Berber Rug : $3,750.00


2. Think Up And Install Shelving

Display your everyday objects on mounted shelving units. This will make your space feel less cluttered while keeping your items organized, as well as keeping them off of the floor or tabletops. Trick your eye into thinking your ceiling height has increased by installing wall shelves as close to the ceiling as possible. 


If y

(Photo :


Olivia Wall Mounted Shelves : $499.00

3. Hang Light Fixtures 

Lighting is absolutely crucial within any interior environment. We highly suggest hanging or mounting your light fixtures to save space atop furniture pieces for other objects or storage use. 


(Photo :


Branching Bubbles 10.05 x Lindsey Adelman : $30,000.00


4. The Bigger The Mirror The Better

An oversized mirror has deceptive qualities, a mirror does in fact make a room feel larger. We recommend opting for the largest one you can find, and if you cannot mount it, try simply leaning it against a wall. 



(Photo :

Victorian Cast Iron Warehouse Window Mirror : $3,685.92

5. Create Interest With Patterned Seating

We have a tendency to take a "more is more" approach to decorating. The boldest statement one can make is incorporating patterned furniture into an interior. We recommend finding a settee in a colorful print to take your room to the next level. Your guests will be drawn to your eclectic furniture choice rather than the square footage of your space.

(Photo :


Emma Settee in Palm Leaf : $1,999.00

6. Find Double-Duty Accent Furniture

A piece of furniture no longer serves one purpose. It is best to source double-duty designs and really make use of every item in your environment. Typically in a city apartment, kitchens are often small and counter space is minimal. For more room to cook and entertain, purchase a kitchen cart that can serve as a food prep area and a storage unit for drinks - a pseudo bar cart.

(Photo :


John Boos End-Grain Butcher Block Kitchen Cart : $1,195.00

7. Experiment With Textures

Don't be afraid of mixing various fabrics, specifically when it comes to throws and accent pillows. Play with leather, fur, woven and knit textiles to elevate your home accessories. 


(Photo :


Kelly Wearstler Upholstery (Leather & Hides) : $750.00 - $1,450.00

8. Add Some Green

You should always find a way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. The best way to achieve this is by adding a touch of greenery - large or small - a natural element is essential. Just be sure to purchase stylish pottery to accompany your plants! 


(Photo :


"Blue Braille Babes" x Ben Medansky : $180.00


9. Display Art

Find a special piece of art (or more) that speaks to you. Display it on your wall so you can appreciate it daily. Art has the ability to personalize a space and it is a way to express who you are to others. 


(Photo :


"I Made This For You #2" x Heather Day


10. Create Your Entertaining Area Around Windows

The last thing to keep in mind is, when placing furniture within your space, be sure to keep your "entertaining area" as close to the windows as possible. When enjoying company, access to natural sunlight enhances the overall environment. 




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