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Copenhagen Fashion Week SS17: Best Street Style [PHOTOS] And Fashion Bloggers

Aug 15, 2016 10:00 AM EDT
Copenhagen Street Style SS17
(Adam Katz Sinding - Le21ème)

Copenhagen Fashion Week ran from Wednesday, August 10 to Friday, August 12. As is often the case during any given fashion week, there was just as much style on the street as there was on the runway so look through the slideshow for all of the best street looks. All photos taken by Adam Katz Sinding - Le21ème.

Scroll down for the best Danish fashion bloggers.

Mary Hindkaer Wolthers - Blame It On Fashion
Marie Hindkaer Wolthers currently lives in London, but she is still a proud Danish girl. Wolthers' blog Blame It On Fashion, is a platform where she can share her own personal wardrobe with viewers, she gives snippets of every day inspiration and of course, she writes about Fashion Week. In a Who What Wear interview Wolthers describes her style as, "Effortless Scandinavian minimalist infused with a dose of tomboy nonchalance and girly sweetness."

Anine Bing - Anine's World  

Anine Bing has almost 400,000 followers on Instagram and an astonishing amount of 63 weekly posts on her blog, Anine's World. Bing enjoys writing about everything from fashion to music. However, it is her amazing knack for street style that keeps her followers coming back.

Stine Mo - The Mo Look
Stine Mo is a twenty-three year old beauty and style blogger living in Copenhagen. Her blog is mostly about her life and everyday things that inspire her. Mo describes her style as colorful, ever changing and feminine.In addition to outfit photos, she also connects with followers by sharing regular styling and beauty videos.

Tina Maria Hansen - Tina Marias  

Twenty-five year old Tina Maria Hansen has always had a passion for fashion and interior design. Hansen gained a lot of social media following after winning a popular Danish reality TV show. She then launched her blog in 2012, and has been documenting her style and travel adventures ever since. She started the blog with the desire of opening up her life and style to her readers. Her blog features her outfit of the day, interior designs, ups and downs in her life and much more. In 2013 Hansen won the title "International Blogger of the Year."

Mike Afsharian - Mike Afsharian 

At the young age of twenty-one, menswear fashion blogger Mike Afsharian already has a solid fanbase and an impressive amount of social media followers - nearly 85,000 followers on Instagram. He's based in Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, where he runs his blog full time.

Natalie Boesen - Natulia 

Twenty-six year old Natalie Boesen can often be seen wearing a mix of colorful pieces, prints, anything frilly and feminine. Her style is a lot more girly than some of the other Danish bloggers. Boesen enjoys travelling and she records her adventures on her blog along with outfits of the day and beauty tips.

For more Danish fashion bloggers click here 

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