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Dela Éva Founder Ninja Evangelista Answers 7 Questions About London-Based Handbag Line

Aug 18, 2016 11:35 AM EDT
Dela Éva
(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

For Ninja Evangelista design is all about pushing boundaries and breaking the rules to create something outstanding.

That's why her designs for London-based handbag brand Dela Éva are so unique. Each bag is made in limited quantity with exclusive materials, making each piece a rare treasure.

The emerging brand is definitely one to watch and will be featured at the upcoming Nolcha Shows media lounge during New York Fashion Week in September.

This season, Fashion Times has teamed up with Nolcha to be a media sponsor of the lounge, which features emerging brands, and throughout the next few weeks, we'll be highlighting various participating brands on our site. Keep reading for our interview with Evangelista, and keep checking back with us as we cover more brands. 
(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)
1. What inspired you to launch your own label?

"I always had the vision to create something that would inspire people and empower women. I want to share beautiful moments and tell stories in my own unique way. That is why I started designing with adding special details of precious moments lived into every handbag. I love being able to inspire people with my creations, which started as a vision in my mind and developed into a unique design that will finally be a part of someone else's beautiful life. I strongly believe it is important to do something you love. Doing what you love is fulfilling, and for me being a designer who's able to create, inspire and express my visions through my own brand is definitely what I enjoy most and what inspired me to create my own brand."

(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

2. What makes Dela Éva different from other handbag brands?

"Dela Éva products are unique in design as they always have a special and meaningful detail added to make it an accomplished masterpiece. The details are inspired by my stories and moments lived, my journeys and adventures experienced and visions I see combining all these influences together to create something new. Dela Éva handbags are seasonless and are designed as timeless treasures, so they can be worn for every occasion, may it be daytime to nighttime adventures."

(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

"Our signature is to combine handbags with details and accessories from elements of womenswear. I actually started designing womenswear but soon after felt my designs were not 100 percent complete. I always had the feeling there was one important detail missing to make it a unique artwork and make it stand out from other existing designs, so I started combining and connecting design details and accessories together. I still remember my first Dela Éva handbag I designed. It was a small leather bag with a poncho physically attached to it. From that moment onward, I knew that I found the missing puzzle in my creations and that this is going to be the key feature in all of my designs."

(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

"The modern heart shape you see throughout our designs is also one of our signatures, which is different from the classic heart shape and symbolizes devotion, creativity and a special love affair with every design detail."

(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

3. What type of customer do you design for?

"Dela Éva designs are creative, artistic and unique and are meant for all women who enjoy standing out to express their individuality. The strong emphasis on individuality is reflected throughout our designs and is also deeply embedded in our company culture. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss describes it perfectly: 'Why fit in when you were born to stand out?'"

(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

4. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

"Inspiration is everywhere! I find my inspiration from traveling and discovering new places, from history, art and everyday experiences and impressions that makes life so special. Our life is our own center stage full of inspiration and surprises."

(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

5. What made you want to participate in Nolcha's lounge during NYFW?

"New York is one of the main fashion capitals of the world and truly a concrete jungle where dreams are made. The rich history of New York, the art, the music and fashion of course is a huge inspiration for me. I appreciate the importance of the Nolcha Shows in the fashion industry very much, especially in regards to the great opportunities it offers to emerging designers. To be part of this year's Nolcha Shows during New York Fashion Week is really a great honor for us."

(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

6. If you could collaborate with anyone on a collection, who would you pick and why?

"I would collaborate with Hermès and use their iconic scarves for our Hemera Poncho-Bag. I am fascinated by the craftsmanship, amazed by the iconic Hermès brand ambassadors and inspired by the success story of Hermès."

(Photo : Courtesy/Dela Éva)

7. What items do you always have with you in your handbag?

"I never go out without my art journal/ sketchbook, calendar, black eyeliner, iPhone and a book."

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