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Jazz Age Lawn Party 2016 Best Dressed [PHOTOS]

Aug 21, 2016 11:00 AM EDT
Jazz Age Tea Party
(Andrew Toth/Getty Images for St-Germain )

Since 2005, the Jazz Age Lawn Party has become one of the most popular summer events in New York.

This year marked its 11th consecutive year of celebrating the spirit of 1920s and 1930s on Governors Island. 

At this year's second JALP event, founder and host, Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra, presented one-of-a-kind songs along with performances by Queen Esther, Molly Ryan, Gregory Moore & The Dreamland Follies and Roddy Caravella & The Canarsie Wobblers. The music is comprised of Hot Jazz, fun-loving, rebel tunes popular within the '20s youth culture, tap dances, piano and other signature classics!

Jazz Age Tea Party
(Photo : Andrew Toth/Getty Images for St-Germain ) Michael Arenella


As a special tribute to the late New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham, this year Gregory Moore and Simon Mulligan sang a song while photographs of Bill were displayed and guests paid their respects. 


Jazz Age Tea Party
(Photo : Meg Busacca)


For the most part, dresses were low-waisted and either or short with unique beading, sequins and/or fringe. Many of the women wore headbands, silk shawls and long pearl necklaces; and, of course, carried fans and/or parasols as staple accessories. Men were in colorful striped or lightweight tweed suits, bow ties, suspenders and straw boater hats. 

St. Germain is the official spirit of the JALP and select cocktails were available including the "St. Germain classic cocktail," "Strike Up The Band" and "Flapper's Delight," as well as sparkling wines and beers. Non-alcoholic beverages included Perrier Sparkling water, Belvoir Fruit Farms Lemonade with lime and lemongrass and Heart of Tea iced tea with pomegranate orange. 


Jazz Age Tea Party
(Photo : Andrew Toth/Getty Images for St-Germain )



Click through the slideshow for photographs of the 2016 Jazz Age Lawn Party 

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