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Laura Brown, Former Harper's Bazaar Executive Director, Named Editor-In-Chief Of InStyle

Aug 23, 2016 09:56 AM EDT
Laura Brown
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After more than a decade at Harper's Bazaar, Laura Brown is leaving the fashion glossy.

On Monday, it was confirmed that Brown, formerly the executive director at Harper's Bazaar, had been named editor-in-chief of InStyle. Brown replaces Ariel Foxman, who announced his resignation from InStyle in July after eight years at the helm of the publication.

"With her dynamic point of view, collaborative spirit and deep expertise in fashion and celebrity, Laura will be an exciting and transformative force for InStyle. Her rich experience combined with her profound storytelling skills across print, digital, video and TV will take this powerful brand to even greater heights," InStyle editorial director Jess Cagle said in a statement.

Brown, who will start her new job on Aug. 29 after 11 years at Harper's Bazaar, was more than just a fashion editor at the magazine, with her strong social media following and unique, down-to-earth voice. In addition to acting as executive director, Brown also has a show on M2M called "In and Out of Fashion," and a Harper's Bazaar digital series titled "The Look." She's also been a featured judge on Bravo's "The Fashion Show."

"Taking the lead of such an iconic brand is a dream come true. InStyle is at the forefront of celebrity, beauty, fashion and popular culture-areas I've loved weaving together throughout my career. There are so many exciting opportunities to grow the brand across all platforms. I can't wait to get started," Brown said.

On Monday, Brown took to Instagram to thank her boss, Glenda Bailey, the editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar. 

In addition to Brown's departure, Harper's Bazaar also recently lost Sam Broekema, its accessories director, to InStyle as well.

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