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Veronica Beard Opens First Freestanding Store On Madison Avenue In New York City

Aug 23, 2016 11:20 AM EDT
Veronica Beard
(Photo : Getty Images/Andrew Toth)

Veronica Beard is expanding its retail footprint with its first freestanding store.

The new store, located in an old Lisa Perry shop at 988 Madison Avenue, officially opened on Tuesday.

"This is our moment to actually be in 3-D. As much as you try on the web site - our content is creative; it's new, and the imagery is all originally produced - there's nothing like walking in a store," Veronica Swanson Beard, on half of the Veronica Beard design duo, told WWD.  

With their NYC retail location, Swanson Beard and her co-founder Veronica Miele Beard aimed to create a homey space that feels more like an apartment than a store.

Most of the product in the store is ready to wear, but Miele Beard told WWD that "you have to have enough deliveries and enough product to open a store," so the brand is experimenting in other categories that will also be featured in the shop. One such experiment is the launch of a hat collection, created in collaboration with Gigi Burris, with a "flair bar," where customers can customize their hat with embellishments like feathers and ribbon. The store will also stock a selection of third-party vendors like Bluemercury, Paige Novick, Vintner's Daughter, Anniel, Corroon and Hunting Season.

"We always talk about lifestyle, and it's the most overused word in the world. But we want to create that for the customer so she really understands that you're not walking into a white box with eight hanging racks and one beige sofa and a beige rug in the middle of the room. We want to wow you," Swanson Beard said.  

Though Tuesday marked the official opening of the store, it actually was open for seven weeks from May to July as a test run and closed July 16 to undergo a design overhaul. 

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